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My best friend and I masturbate together. I have watched him ejaculate, continue masturbating, and ejaculate again in 30 seconds to two minutes. He has told me the second orgasm is always better. I have tried many times to achieve multiple orgasms, but my penis always goes soft immediately after I ejaculate. The best I can do is 20 minutes between orgasms, and the second one is not always as good as the first. My friend is very well hung with really big testicles and ejaculates a lot of semen; I am bigger than average but with smallish testicles and don't ejaculate a lot. Is there any way I can learn how to have multiple orgasms? Given how powerful his second orgasms are, it's something I really would like to experience.

If you're talking about two full ejaculations, your friend has a rare talent. Except perhaps in the case of some teens who have just started ejaculating and can't get enough (you know who you are!), it's unusual to be able to cruise through an ejaculation and keep going to another one without losing your erection. There is, however, a somethat tricky technique in which you take yourself to a kind of half-orgasm with a small ejaculation, and then you keep masturbating until you reach a bigger, more complete orgasm — but I don't advise practicing it, because I believe that when you ejaculate, you should actually have a full ejaculation, as nature intended. Chalk it up to good genes on your friend's part, or something. By the way, his endowment or ejaculation quantity should not make a difference in this regard.

I have read that some men can ejaculate with just a thought — no hands, no nothing. Is this true? Can one learn how to develop this technique?

It is true, and although I've never really tried, I've heard from several guys who have been able to develop this ability. I've also heard that the resulting orgasm can be quite spectacular. You're more likely to be able to perform this trick if (1) you are young, (2) you haven't ejaculated in quite a while, and (3) you reach orgasm quickly and easily when you masturbate normally. Sorry, that's about all the advice I can give — think real hard, and give it a shot!

I am a straight 15-year-old male and have a problem. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot get an erection. I try to think about my wildest fantasy and it just won't happen. I haven't been with a girl yet, and I'm worried this will occur when I am with one. Do you think it's a serious problem?

It might be, or it might not be. But one thing's for certain — stressing out about it, particularly when you're with someone, will only make matters worse. Do some online research on erectile dysfunction — there are certain techniques you can try to find out whether the problem might have a physical basis. Be skeptical, though, of what pharmaceutical companies tell you (they'd love to sell you medicine, even if you might not need it), and under no circumstances should you purchase any kind of "herbal remedy" (i.e., ripoff) over the Internet, no matter how convincing it may sound. Finally, when you do get with someone, I recommend that you not dive head-first into sexual intercourse, as that will cause you to put too much pressure on yourself. Instead, explore sexual play gradually, over a period of days or weeks, so that there won't be any consequences or awkwardness if an erection doesn't come to you right away.

I first started masturbating around age 12. When I was about 16, I developed this phobia of sperm. I can't stand the thought of it getting on shorts, sheets, clothing, and stuff that I carry in my pockets. I realize it's probably an uncommon and unnecessary worry, but I can't seem to get over it. I'm now 20, and I would like very much to put an end to this. I have thought about consulting professional help, but it's not something I am comfortable sharing with a psychiatrist.

This sounds like a variation on OCD — obsessive/compulsive disorder. Some people with OCD (its symptoms range from mild to severe) have a kind of "germ phobia" — for instance, being afraid to shake people's hands, only touching objects with a Kleenex, compulsively washing their hands, etc.; semen-phobia would be a kind of variation on that. OCD can be a serious mental illness, although in your case it doesn't sound like it's impacting your life too badly. However, if you want to learn to get through your particular variety of OCD, professional counseling would probably be the best route for you. If you prefer to go it alone, there are numerous books on OCD that may be able to help.

I am 18 and I've been having problems controlling my sexual desires. Even though I have been masturbating for years to my own fantasy world, recently it hasn't been enough. I feel as though I am unsatisfied. I sometimes go for hours on end, ejaculating many times but still wanting more. Even worse, my mind has become almost purely sexual and I think about my fantasies almost all the time. I try to stop by doing random tasks, but that only works momentarily. I don't think I am ready to have intercourse, but is my mind telling me that I *am* ready?

No — I guarantee you that the problem would not go away if you started having intercourse instead. This sounds like sexual addiction behavior. While it's normal for the male brain (particularly in teenagers) to obsess about sexual thoughts at times, or even to experience a kind of temporary insanity when you're really horny, normally masturbating "cures" the problem, at least for a while. But if it doesn't, and even with regular masturbation you can't lead a normal life, then something more serious is going on. But don't be too alarmed; sexual addiction is actually a fairly common problem, and there may be support groups or specilized counselors in your area to help. For an overview of sexual addiction, see this Wikipedia page.

On some lotion bottles, it says that if you eat the lotion, you should call poison control. Would this be a safe lube, or would it hurt your body?

It's safe as long as you don't eat it! Anything that's safe to put on your skin — lotion included — is safe to use as a masturbation lube.

How does semen get to the woman's egg if it only dribbles out of the penis? Would it not need to shoot out of the penis to reach the egg?

No. A woman's uterus is not a shooting gallery. In fact, the egg at that stage is usually in a part of her body where no amount of ejaculation force would launch the sperm directly to the egg. Instead, the sperm is deposited inside the vagina, and the sperm cells swim through the cervix into the uterus and on toward the egg. (If, by chance, you're thinking you can't get a girl pregnant because your semen doesn't shoot out of your penis, you're wrong.)

I am 15 years old and ejaculated for the first time yesterday. There was tons of semen, probably because it was building up over a period of time. I remember heading to the bathroom to get some Kleenex, but then all of a sudden I heard a crash, and then I woke up. I am confused. What caused me to pass out? I heard that some people pass out because too much flood flows to their penis. I am scared — I am having second thoughts about ever masturbating again because of that experience.

Fainting typically occurs when there's a loss of blood pressure to the brain. This is why you sometimes feel light-headed when you're lying down and you stand up suddenly. Could that be all that happened? Next time, take a few moments to rest after ejaculating, and then get up more slowly. If you still experience dizziness, or if these episodes occur at random (i.e., not after masturbating or standing up), you should probably consult a doctor. By the way, the bit about too much blood flowing to the penis is a myth; some people joke that if your penis is really large, you'll pass out when you get an erection, but this doesn't actually happen.

The sex life between me and my fiancé is very sporadic; we've been together for 3 years now, and sometimes we have sex every day of the week, but often we go 2 to 4 months without sex. My fiancé denies that he masturbates (I've never seen him do it), but he also doesn't have "wet dreams." I'm confused about how he relieves himself — he says that he ejaculates while he urinates. Is this a possible way for his body to naturally relieve itself if he's not masturbating or having "wet dreams"?

No, it's not. My educated guess is that he's masturbating but feels guilty about it, so he tells no one and denies it when asked. This is an extremely common situation in heterosexual couples — even if your fiancé has a healthy outlook on masturbation, he may just feel that as a woman you wouldn't understand his need to do it so often, even during times when you are having sex regularly. It is certainly possible for a man to go for long time periods without masturbating, although in that case nocturnal emissions do usually occur occasionally. If possible, just think of his sexual relief as his personal, private business. If he's masturbating, even in secret, know that he isn't doing it to hurt you.

Sometimes when I am getting an erection, the skin around my penis turns semi-transparent and I can see a lot of veins that look like they are overly filled with blood. They are huge and they go all around my penis. Is there any way to prevent this or make it go away?
- age 14, Oklahoma

Why, exactly, is this a problem? That's the human body, and with many guys that's exactly what happens when they get an erection. You may also have noticed veins visible in your forearms, particularly when you flex a muscle, but there's nothing wrong with that, either. It's just another part of the body, and on some guys, veins are more visible than on others. There's no need to feel uncomfortable about it or want to change it.

I'm 15. Will masturbating daily stunt my penis growth, or help it grow bigger?

Both — masturbation stunts penis growth, and it makes your penis grow larger, at the same time! However, these two effects cancel each other out, and therefore masturbation ends up having no effect on penis size. At least, that's the way you can choose to think about it, if you're the type of guy who thinks masturbation must have some serious effect on your body — which, judging from the letters we get, is apparently the way most guys feel. (Seriously, masturbating has no effect on penis growth or size.)

I'm 17 and my penis is 8 1/2 inches long when erect. I know that I shouldn't be concerned — some may even call me lucky — but I'm still insecure. Is there any chance of it growing any more in my lifetime?

It's unclear from your question, but it sounds like you're insecure because you think your penis is too small. Do you realize how many guys would kill to have a penis that's even half the size of yours? Your penis is very much above average in size — too large, in fact, for some women to accommodate, and yet you sit around wishing it were larger. I suggest that you get a little perspective in life and think about something other than whether your already-large penis will get even larger. Give me a break!

If, however, you're insecure of its large size, there's no need to be. Yes, it's possible that it will grow longer than 8 1/2 inches, but it's unlikely at this point. Men with larger penises often have to adjust their intercourse technique slightly and spend a little more time on foreplay for sex to be comfortable for their partner. In extreme cases, reduction surgery is an option. (And yeah, consider yourself lucky.) I'm 15 and I have a scar-like line on the underside of my penis. I think this is called the raphe. I know that it's normal, but I still want to get rid of it, or at least fade it. Also I have a small bump on the underside of my penis; it's not hard or anything, it's like a little bubble of skin. I plan to be having sex soon and I think the chicks will be turned off by these things. What can I do?

Deal with it, that's what! Learning to accept your perfectly normal body the way it is would be a lot more productive for you than having plastic surgery to remove minor, totally inconsequential features of your genitals. You'll thank me when you're older and have a broader view of the world and what life means.

I am getting a UTI [urinary tract infection] test tomorrow, as I've had to pee excessively recently. I masturbate two to three times a day. Could this have caused a UTI?

No, masturbation does not cause urinary-tract infections (unless you do something dumb like stick an object up your urethra, in which case you're asking for a UTI).

Is it true that when you masturbate, it kills thousands of brain cells?

Umm...duhh...what did you ask? No, of course not!

One of my nipples is bigger than the other. Does this have anything to do with masturbation?

No, unless perhaps you're doing something violent with one nipple when you masturbate. How many times do I have to say this, people? Plain old masturbating does not have any long-term effect whatsoever on the size or shape of any body part!

My nipples are very sensitive, and all through my masturbation sessions, I have to rub and pinch them to keep my erection and proceed to orgasm. Do heterosexual guys feel like playing with their nipples while masturbating? In straight sex videos I never see guys play with their nipples, but in gay videos, they do. Is it that hetero guys are afraid to do this, or do they just not feel anything in their nipples?

Nipple sensitivity varies to an extreme degree from individual to individual; some men can even achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation alone, while for others, it creates very little feeling, or is more annoying than arousing. This variability is 100% independent from sexual orientation — although gay men may have more of an opportunity to discover that they have this erogenous zone (sexually sensitive part of the body). This is because for straight guys, nipples and nipple stimulation are associated with women, so for many straight guys there's a bit of a taboo associated with enjoying having their nipples stimulated. It's similar with anal stimulation — that region varies greatly in sensitivity, too (also irrespective of sexual orientation), but many straight men just don't want anyone to "go there," because to enjoy such a thing would be "gay." Of course that's entirely false, and a stereotype. Many straight men have learned to reject this myth and feel free to enjoy all kinds of stimulation. I just wish more men would.

Sometimes my semen comes out being very cold to the touch, and other times it's body temperature. I know you're not doctors, and am not seeking a medical opinion. It's just that I couldn't find anything on the Web about semen temperature changing.

As someone who studied biology and physiology in college, I find this really hard to believe, and I've never heard of such a thing. Semen originates from and is stored inside the body, and there is no structure in the human body (or that of any animal, as far as I know) that has the ability to refrigerate anything. Yes, the testicles are several degrees cooler than body temperature, but semen is actually stored in a structure called the ampulla before ejaculation, not the testicles — plus, you're talking about "very cold" semen. Unless you're entirely imagining it, perhaps there's a menthol-like substance in your semen that merely produces a cool feeling, the way a mint makes your breath feel cool. That's my best guess; I don't know what else to tell you. If you do measure your semen's temperature with a thermometer and find it's actually coming out at 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit, I think that would be of considerable interest to scientists. Who knows? Maybe your body has evolved the world's first natural semen refrigeration system!
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