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JackinWorld is devoted to giving people of all ages honest, straightforward, non-pornographic information about one of humankind's favorite activities. Our goal is to eliminate the stigma attached to masturbation, make people feel better about masturbating, get people talking about masturbation, educate the general public, collect and disseminate knowledge about the ways people masturbate, and collect and publish safe techniques for more exciting, more creative masturbation sessions.

Whether you've masturbated for decades or have never even tried it, you're sure to find lots here for you. JackinWorld focuses on male masturbation, but many girls and women take part in our interactive features. A brief run-down of some of what we have to offer:
Troubleshooting Answers to dozens of frequently asked questions, in a unique "tree" format that guides you to the information you need
JackinHow-To Step-by-step instructions for the beginner
JackinExpert Dozens of techniques, most sent in by your fellow readers
JackinQ&A Reader questions answered
JackinLibrary Articles and reader surveys on a variety of masturbation-related topics
The JackinWorld Glossary of Terms (Warning: The Glossary includes slang terms that might be considered offensive.)
JackinLinks The best of the Web's serious sites on sexuality, health, and more
JackinSafety How to avoid the most embarrassing trip to the hospital you'll ever take
JackinMyths If you believe masturbation can make your penis shrink...
JackinForum A place to share tips and other masturbation-related thoughts
Question of the Week Classic See how past readers responded to a question
JackinIndex A comprehensive alphabetical listing of everything on JackinWorld

For a more thorough list of JackinWorld's contents, go to the Site Map.

Our Policies
1. JackinWorld is dedicated to providing truthful, safe information. If we have reason to suspect anything we publish is untrue or unsafe, we will investigate it and correct any errors.
2. JackinWorld does not publish pornography. In order to maintain high quality and ensure a positive reader experience, we enforce a language policy. Except in a couple of select places (where we're defining the meanings of slang terms), we allow only proper, non-vulgar descriptions of body parts and acts. We ask everyone who sends in submissions to keep this policy in mind.
3. All mail sent to JackinWorld is kept confidential. JackinWorld never publishes names or e-mail addresses, and we never give out e-mail addresses to anyone. Furthermore, we never send unsolicited e-mails of any kind to anyone who writes to us or takes part in our interactive features. We hate spam as much as you do!

Two Special Introductory Pages
Since a large portion of our readership consists of teens, we have a special message just for them. Also, since many parents of teens find their way here, we have a special message for them, too.

We'd Like To Hear From You
Give us your thoughts on JackinWorld — what you like, don't like, and what we could do to improve or enhance the site. Also, please tell us how you heard about JackinWorld: from a friend, another Web site (which one?), a newspaper or magazine (which issue?), etc.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

— The JackinWorld Editors
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