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Some people love JackinWorld, and some people hate JackinWorld. Here are a few of the more extreme things readers have written to this site.

I am a young man of God. With so many bumps in the road of life and so many distractions masturbation helps relieve stress. The Bible does not really touch on masturbation, although it does touch on not damaging your body, because your body is your temple. But if masturbation is not hurting you, then what is wrong with it?

You guys are the bomb! I'm so glad there's at least one Web site that caters solely toward sexual liberation for men of all ages. Masturbation is much more healthy than cheating on your girlfriend, or taking advantage of women. Masturbation has also helped me stay a virgin to this day; virginity is sacred to me and I want to wait until I'm older and find the right woman. Some of us can't help getting horny, especially now that young women are showing more skin, but we feel guilty using women as sex objects, so therefore we find it safer to masturbate and fantasize. Thank you all very much for allowing us guys to have somewhere to feel comfortable with our unique sensuality without guilt.

Watch your thoughts: they become words.
Watch your words: they become actions.
Watch your actions: they become habits.
Watch your habits: they become character.
Watch your character: it becomes destiny.

I must confess. I am nothing but sexual perversion with two legs and two arms. Your site has a lot of opinions about masturbation, but our opinions mean absolutely nothing to a God who has already declared his opinion long before man ever populated this earth. I don't know....I think I'll listen to the One who has the greater power — the Sovereign God who Reigns from Eternity Past to Eternity Future. You are giving hearty approval to something that is very wicked in the sight of God. I beg you to reconsider.

Your site is awesome. I came here to learn more about pleasuring my boyfriend, and I left with some really good fuel for masturbation. What can I say — reading about all the fun ways you guys get yourselves off is exciting! And to all the freaks who think masturbation is sinful because you're "giving in to your urges," what the hell are you doing here? Shouldn't you be out suffering for your sins instead of playing around on the dirty dirty Internet? By the way, were you running a search for "Jesus" or "Saintliness" when you ran into this site? Just curious.

I am a retired professor of medicine, aged 84. Even now I continue to masturbate, and do so daily. It has never interfered with my social life, or my intense interest in sports. I play golf, tennis, I weight-train, etc., and I still write medical articles and do volunteer hospital work. I have always wanted to talk to someone about masturbating, but have felt embarrassed. Your site is extremely helpful; I now feel relieved — it's almost like confession. Thank you, thank you. If there is anything I can do to show my gratitude, please contact me.

Your site is ridiculous. Sites like yours are the reason people are so perverted and seek out becoming even more perverted. I'm female, in case you can't tell, which probably explains why I'm somewhat against your porn-fest. My boyfriend recently told me he masturbates. Actually he didn't tell me — I had to find out from someone else whom he told. He was keeping it a secret from me. You know why? Because he was ashamed of it, and he had a right to be. In normal society masturbation is not accepted, because normal people don't feel the need to touch themselves to feel good. It's a dirty habit; find something productive to do. There are much better things to do than masturbate. If you can't see that, then you're just a pathetic person. Do people seriously need a manual dedicated to this crap? Ever notice that most masturbation Web sites are dedicated to males? It's because they can't seem to keep their hands off their d**ks. Guys are naturally perverted and probably always will be, but you're surely not helping.

Your site has changed my life! I am very insecure about my body, but whenever I visit JackinWorld, I always come back feeling 100% better. I am more happy than I've ever been in my life. I visit your site every day for a little confidence boost. You guys rock.

This site has been executed in very poor taste. To be as suggestive and detailed as your information is, well, it's simply gratuitous. I would like to know why you encourage children to engage in acts that are far too adult for their age and emotional maturity. There are so many options for kids these days, it is imperative that they are given the correct information; however, some of your expertise seems more like a sales pitch than factual data. My suggestion is that you cut out some of the more graphic elements, minimize the considerable amount of space dedicated to personal accounts, and generally streamline the site to an adolescent-friendly level that is informative, clean, unbiased, and non-corrosive. It is the responsibility of adults to teach children in a manner that is as morally correct and that appeals to a higher mindset — the one that promotes self-control and moderation, not the mindset that humans should try everything that appeals to them regardless of the consequences.

I can't impress upon you enough how important and wonderful this site is. I am now 24. There's no weight to the argument that masturbation hurts your sex life as you mature. I've had a couple loving, healthy sexual relationships, and if anything, masturbation helped me to be more comfortable with intimacy and less sexually inhibited. It probably sounds like I'm overstating the importance of this site, but I truly believe it is a godsend in a society where guns are okay, but sex is often wrong.

The educational aspect of this site is decent, but some of the other ideas are terrible. When one starts masturbating with food, masturbating in ways that are physically extreme, masturbating with other people, or fantasizing about family members or other crude entities, things are out of hand. People must recognize that there can be consequences to masturbating without establishing reasonable limits. For every action there is a reaction; everything works that way. I was somewhat surprised by the more physically lewd masturbation techniques on here, until I saw the mailing address in California. That explains the whole story: liberalism. It seems like liberals can never keep things in moderation.

I have a 13-year-old. I have always tried to keep the door open on communication, but I had no idea how to tell him the details of masturbation. I tried to find something to share with him, that told how to masturbate, and that it was okay to masturbate if he felt the need to. I hit dead end after dead end — and then I found JackinWorld. In short, thank you. I think it is better to give him the information than to hide it, or wait for him to "happen" upon it. I don't think I could have been as direct and simple about masturbation without taking several pauses from my discomfort. I don't ever want him to feel like it's a bad thing, and I am glad I found you. Signed, a realistic mom.

I am horrendously offended by your site's content — you are "selling" masturbation to a generation that is already rotted by Playstations and Justin Timberlake. What is next — infomercials for "Wank openly with Chuck Norris"? This is just wrong. We must be more responsible.

Dude, you rock — I wish I had a male role model like you!

JackinWorld may seem like a lot of fun at first, but it is really no better than watching porn. I have never felt happy about masturbating and felt guilty about doing it. This guilt at least made me do it less frequently. I am sure that many people visiting your site would agree that they feel much better when they haven't masturbated for a long time. After all, masturbating is not something to be proud of — it is just letting yourself fall. Your Web site is especially confusing to youngsters who are not aware of any damage and can easily be trapped. At least a large warning should be put on the index page.

I am a 26-year-old gay Christian. There is nothing in the Bible that says masturbation is wrong. I can't believe all of the ignorant Rants by the purported believers out there; they seem very angry and intent on insulting everyone who doesn't believe the way they do. That's the injustice here. God just wants us to love one another — that's the point, people. Thanks for being an instrument of good in this screwed-up world, and for making people feel accepted and acceptable. I love you guys. PS.: Loved the tasteless joke about Palm Sunday.

As a Christian I find your site absolutely repulsive. It is providing an oasis for teenagers who are looking to justify their sinful behavior. While you're corrupting young minds, why not just create a site that promotes dishonesty, theft, and murder? If you believe that it is absolutely necessary to inform young adults about masturbation, then I suggest that you keep the information strictly educational and leave out the smut. Also, please try going to church or doing some Bible reading for your own good — after all, Jesus said it would be better for one to have a large milestone tied around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of the little ones to sin. God bless.

I'm a 19-year-old girl, and I think you rock for promoting masturbation! The penis or clitoris is make of skin, right? And so it the rest of your body, right? So, if I touch my clitoris, I'm touching the same stuff as on my arm, leg, or face, right? So where's the problem? I'm sorry, but I highly doubt that I'm going to hell for that!

Damn you — you have turned 4 of my friends to perverts. All they talk about is masturbation and porno. Sure, this site may educate people about masturbation, but you are saying it's okay. You know damn well that masturbation goes against almost every religion except PAGANISM! Some of your jokes made fun of my religion! Leave the educating to the educators, bastards. Take down your sick Web site so you won't poison anyone's minds. You have ruined peoples relationships by saying masturbation is all right — you ruined mine! She found out I masturbated and she dumped right on the spot. Damn your sorry sick hide, f**king a**holes!

Dude, don't listen to what any of those ranters have to say, because they are either very stupid or very hard-headed. JackinWorld is the only site I've seen that's an informative place for all ages to learn about why masturbation is natural and not a bad thing (as so many people believe). The ignorant fear the intelligent. Always remember that.

Recently, I overheard a few male family members teasing my 13-year-old nephew about being "caught" masturbating. I never asked the specifics, but I did send him a link to your site. I have checked his computer and seen that he has visited JackinWorld numerous times. I told his father, after the fact, and he thanked me for keeping him from having to make that dreadful lecture they all avoid. Keep up the good work, and let the negative comments roll off your back like water on a duck's feathers. By the way, you should look into getting Kleenex or Charmin as a corporate sponsor. After all, JackinWorld is keeping them in business!

I have been masturbating for 6 years, and when I first stumbled onto your site in '97, I thought it was a godsend. However, I now realize that masturbation has done damage to me over the years — not physical or psychological damage, but damage to my sex life. Because of masturbation (and this site's constant reminder that it is better to masturbate and put off sex as long as possible), I was content to not get involved in a serious relationship. I am not a religious man, but I have come to the conclusion that masturbation is evil in another way: I have missed out on almost half of my sexual prime (ages 15 through 25), and a strong reason for this is masturbation. Masturbation is a crutch that inhibits healthy sexual development. While I believe in your freedom to create any site you want, I will now cease to visit JackinWorld. It's been a good run, but it's time for me to do something you folks have never done: grow up.

Having taught 9th-grade sex ed, I really appreciate your site. It is to the point and does not treat masturbation as "something you do not even talk about." I doubt that my school's Internet filters would allow JackinWorld to be viewed — too bad! We have a lot of growing up to do in this society. There is so much good information here; I even referred to it just now for what seems to be chronic low semen production. I will try more water and see if that helps. (Yes, children, even your health teacher masturbates.)

I am a single mom of two boys ages 11 and 14 and one girl, age 12. At this time in their growing stage I have found that my daughter will talk to me about certain "things" going on, but the boys will not (which is very understandable!). I have never known how to approach this subject with them — to let them know it is perfectly normal and okay. I am very grateful for this site and the tasteful way it is written. I have sent it to my oldest for his review...I just hope he reads it.

I cannot believe that the site actually exists. You guys are f**king sick for making an entire Web page dedicated to such a creepy and disgusting act. [It's actually several hundred pages. -Ed.] Masturbation is what dirty f*ggots do since they can't have sex with anyone other than other f*gs. I never masturbated because I don't know how and I don't care. I have always believed that was the wrong thing to do, and people like you are just making everyone think it's okay to be a sicko. I hope you all end up with broken d**ks or something.

Apparently calling this site sinful, wicked, etc. may help [Ranters] relieve the guilt they feel for actually masturbating. Masturbating has yet to cause any harm, except minor accidents such as muscle strain. In fact, besides the pleasure you feel, your amount of stress is reduced. This release of stress is good for everyone, as stress has been known to cause many psychological problems, and sometimes real physical problems. Next time you want to rant, take a moment to think about if it really matters to get worked up about something you have no control over. Don't sweat the small stuff. Relax a little.

You guys are some of the sickest people walking on the face of the planet. The s**t you put on your site does nothing but corrupt people's minds. Because of you, millions of people think it is okay to masturbate. Well, guess what you bastards, it's not. It is a sin and helps lead people down the path to hell. But you don't seem to care, probably because you are the devil's right-hand men. So f**k you and f**k your site, and I hope God doesn't have mercy on your souls — I hope he sends you straight back to hell.

Profanity may not be a sin, but it weighs you down to a much worse level: ignorance.

All the Ranters should get a life and stop telling us how to run ours. I am a 17-year-old homosexual male who masturbates, and all those religious bigots make my life hell. Here's an idea — they could die for our sins. That way everyone is happy!

I will start off by saying yes, I have masturbated before. But this is horrible — you are promoting something that is against almost everybody's religion. On [JackinQ&A] there are people whose sex lives have been ruined because of masturbation. Oh, and I have also sent a message to the police about this site, so.... Take this site down or I will. Signed, a father. [Received 11/22/01]

Even if these people succeeded in shutting down JackinWorld, would that mean everyone would just stop masturbating? No! People will enjoy themselves just as much as they did before. People will still masturbate with each other. People will still be gay. If you really feel that in order to live a full life you must shut down a Web site, why not go looking for a child-porn site or something?

I am a 14-year-old, 95% straight male, and I'd like to rain in your parade. Unfortunately I can do nothing to shut down your site, so all I can do is give my points and hope you post them — because I am pretty sure you don't post all of the Rants you get but every single lowly Rave, because you couldn't possibly get that many, which is the same as a lie, isn't it? [Actually we have received well over 1,000 unsolicited Raves and fewer than 100 Rants. -Ed.] I masturbate every once in a while, but I exercise this little thing called *will power.* You see there is this thing called *offending* people who normally don't give a s**t what others say. I went into your Web site thinking it was interesting and educational — and it is in most capacities — but you are telling people to f**k their will power and do something they might not normally want to do. The illustrations don't bother me, nor does the "frank language," but your joke about Palm Sunday is offensive to all clear-thinking Christians, and you know it. Oh wait! You have the brain capacities of doormats. You obviously have too much free time to be coming up with the "Jackhammer" and "Mr. Spock." And one last thing: I noticed that the Rants with good points were all at the end...too scared to put them at the top, are you?

As a sex educator and therapist, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to find straightforward, accurate, and guilt-free masturbation information on the Web. Your site is the best of all the ones I have found. I am doing a class next week on masturbation, and I plan to use some of your jokes to break the ice. Keep up the great work!

Who the f**k do you think you are, man? You f**king turned my friend into a pervert with your f**king Web site. Do you realize you're f**king up people's lives by telling them masturbation is okay? You are a little f**king son of a bitch, your site is a piece of s**t, and I'm going to kill your f**king ass for getting my friend addicted to pornography and masturbation, you little son of a bitch! F**king die! You would be doing everyone a favor if you took your damn site off the f**king Web, you gay child-raping sack of s**t! [The death threat was reported to the sender's ISP.]

The Ranters on this site are absolutely pathetic. First of all, if an educational site dedicated to masturbation is so wrong, what the hell are you doing here? Why does everything that feels good have to be trashed by some loser? Free speech, nudity, laughter, burping, farting, and now masturbation...give it a break. Masturbation is safe, easy, and fun. If you don't like it, fine. But don't litter this Web site with your lousy, hateful comments. This site will never come down! When I'm 40 I want to send my future sons to this site when they hit puberty. This site is a legend, folks! Shutting it down would violate the First Amendment rights we have as Canadians, Americans, and world citizens. You people are weak! JackinWorld rocks!

Masturbation feels good. But what about after it's done? You feel like s**t. Your love to whoever you were masturbating to is destroyed. Yes, it is wrong. Lust is a sin, whether you're Christian, Jewish, or Catholic. You guys need to get real lives and worry about your f**king selves, not some little 11-year-old boy going through puberty! And by the way, the Bible doesn't say jack s**t about profanity being a sin. So f**k you, a**holes!

The Ranters can call us perverted, but they cannot deny that they are perverted, too, because they came here! When they typed "" into their browser and hit ENTER, they were satisfying a perverse need just like everyone else who comes here. The difference between them and the average user is that they will not accept that they have hormones and perversions, just like everyone else, so they disguise their feelings by writing hate mail. Incredible!

I am so pissed at your Web site! I'm a 14-year-old female, and I think what you're promoting is disgusting! I found my little brother on this site. I could have smacked him! And I would have smacked you! I just recently started having sex with my boyfriend, and he doesn't masturbate (anymore, anyway), and he's perfectly normal. He's on the football team! Is that normal enough for you? I have some advice: Keep your little escapades in the bedroom and not on the Internet, where 12-year-olds can read up on them, okay? Oh yeah, also: bite me!

I gotta hand to you guys — you manage to piss off more people than any other group I've seen in my life. For all of you Ranters out there who are going to "take down the site," I'd like to remind you of where Internet headquarters are — about 20 miles south of *nowhere.* How dare you think you have the right to control what is put on the Internet? Believe it or not, the world is not composed entirely of ultra-conservative, homophobic, insecure, malcontent, self-absorbed, fundamentalist Christians who just happen to live in the U.S. Those appear to be the only people upset [with JackinWorld]. This site is massively popular, and for good reason! These people have the guts to say something most people are too ashamed to admit is a part of their lives.

I have been a Christian most of my life (I am 25). I must confess, I do masturbate at times, and I feel quite guilty for it. I have, through the grace of God, been able to restrain myself from this carnal sin much more than I used to, but I still give in sometimes. The reason I am complaining: This site teaches that it's "okay" to masturbate just because it feels good. Injecting heroin feels good, too, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone. While it may be true that masturbation is not physically harmful (which I feel it probably isn't), I know for a fact that it is spiritually harmful. Because of my preoccupation with masturbation, I've probably wasted thousands of hours masturbating that could have been better used by learning, helping others, or (at the risk of sounding like a "Bible-thumper") worshipping God. I fight every day with the desire to masturbate, and I am married! My wife's caresses should be enough for me, but because of my habitual behavior, I still crave sex when I should be chaste. Masturbation causes one to become more preoccupied with sex and lust than is healthy to either the mind or the soul. While I laud your intention to disseminate information that you believe will help people, I must protest the content of this information. While obviously many (probably most) people do not share my beliefs (or the beliefs of the Church), I feel it is my Christian duty to protest the existence of this Web site. May God bless you.

I'm 15. This site helps my generation and other generations feel better about themselves. Masturbation is not an evil thing. I think the people who are offended by this site are just too uptight about their bodies. God didn't ask you to preach to others what is right — become a priest if you want to do that. Leave this site alone and pubescent boys alone. We all get these natural urges, so respect this site's authors as much as you would yourselves. They are helping us more than you are.

JackinWorld — The Ultimate Masturbation Resource for weak-minded victims of mind-controlling trash! Please know that the very person who originated the idea and is the head of this poison is truly a cracked-out idiot with nothing better to do with his time than try to convince innocent people that masturbation is okay. It is not! It is immoral and just plain sick, like the punk and punks who stand behind this dirt.

I'm 16 and have been visiting your site for about 5 months now. It has helped me in so many ways. I used to feel really guilty about masturbating, even after my dad and mom told me it's okay. But after seeing your site, the guilt disappeared. Knowing all these people do it, too, really helped. I even got up the courage to ask my friends if they did, and they said yes. It also helped my by teaching me to relax and enjoy it, to take my time.

I am 13 years old, and the mere thought that you are trying to get kids my age to accept being gay makes me shudder. It is not okay; if God wanted us to sleep with other men, He wouldn't have created Eve. I used to masturbate, and I'm trying to stop, and I know there are kids out there going through the same thing — and let me tell you; Web sites like this do not help. They do more harm than good. I'm sure there are people out there who now waste away doing nothing else except masturbate because they unfortunately ran across your site ... I hope you find Jesus Christ and truly accept Him into your life. If you don't, I would really hate to be you when you meet with God. I don't want to have to be the bad guy, but if you don't take your Web site off the Net, I will take this to my governor, mayor, the President, the media, and anyone else who cares. I will not stop until I see that all sites like this are taken off the Net ... If you don't seriously take what you are doing into consideration and take this kind of cult-like material off the Net, then may God have mercy on your soul.

This site appeals to anyone who plays with his own penis. The sole purpose of the site is to inform people. JackinWorld is a 5-star site about sexuality, and it wouldn't be 5 stars if it appealed only to adults who are straight and male only.

Yes, we cannot deny that human desire for sex is a natural thing. However, perversion is not! ... That which is imagined in the mind will eventually be carried out in the body. Moderation is what you should be promoting. This site is advocating and condoning not what is natural to men and women but the feeding upon one's own lusts and perversions. In addition, you are giving hearty approval to those who have no self-control. Please give thought to what you are doing. Discussing human sexuality along with real honest education is one thing, but justifying perversion as education is simply wrong.

I have a stepson who has reached puberty and has begun to masturbate. He and I are quite open with one another. He was a bit shy about talking about masturbation, but I found this site by accident and was able to sit him down and discuss a great deal with him about anything and everything. I don't know who writes the answers for everything that comes up here, but whoever it is, you do an excellent job. I read some lousy things some guys write in here about their fathers and mothers walking in and "catching" them. I hate that expression — being "caught" — parents making their sons feel ashamed! There is nothing wrong with masturbation, and now our son knows that, too — and hopefully he'll be a better father for it as well.

I think that this whole JackinWorld thing is just plain outright nasty. You are all sick perverts who have nothing better to do than to go online and see different masturbation techniques. This is the grossest thing I ever laid witness to. The Internet is a great thing, but you utterly complete losers are ruining it for the rest of the world. Thanks a lot, f*gs.
- age 14, Illinois

I started college this year, and all of my friends are very open about masturbation — and that is so cool. Even the girls talk about it, and it's no big deal. Thank you once again for helping me to accept masturbation as a part of me.

I stumbled upon this site during research for a sociology project about masturbation, and I must say I am appalled. Upon reading most of the Raves about this site, it appears that most people who commend it have barely scratched its surface. First of all I do not believe that young men, let alone 11-year-olds, should be taught masturbation in any way, shape, or form, because it a sinful and filthy habit that distances oneself from God ... The sick, twisted behaviors you advocate are shocking — anal stimulation, pre-pubescent boys touching each others' penises, masturbating with food, relatives, and animals? Even more astonishing is that you have the nerve to label just about every one of these perverted acts as "normal." How dare you! That is not only wrong, it's scary. You do not even realize the damage you are doing to these young minds. Minus the pictures, this site is no different from the millions of other smut sites on the Web. What makes it more unethical, however, is the fact that pre-pubescent boys and young teens are targeted and led to believe the bizarre behaviors you advocate are normal.

You've not only given me great confidence in my sexuality, you've probably saved my current relationship and most likely any future ones as well. Thank God for your site and your knowledge of the needs of teenage males. And who knows — judging by your massive e-mail responses, and the openness of the writers of those letters, this site could be a major stepping stone in the path that will allow guys to be comfortable with their sexuality, and allows us to discuss the various issues of maleness (other than sports, cars, and chicks) openly without feeling like we're not masculine in doing so.

The Rants talking about JackinWorld's pro-homosexuality are mostly true. You may or may not realize it, but you encourage young children of the same sex to masturbate each other — even family members if it is consensual. I don't think you should be advocating people of the same sex masturbating together, especially if they are family members. Also, you are so politically correct in how you say it's okay to be gay. Well, as a straight masturbator, that gets on my nerves, and I think maybe you should open a Jackin For F*gs section on your site if you like dealing with homosexuals so much. Also, I have found some of the crap you post in JackinForum — especially the sickos masturbating with lunch meats — crosses the line of good taste. While I am personally not offended by that stuff (in fact I find it quite humorous), you may be turning off some masturbators with weaker stomachs. May I suggest another new section: Jackin For Food F**kers.

Those who think this is a "sick" site have been controlled and made to feel shameful about their own bodies and the body's natural functions. This is a form of control. Now, that is abuse in its most insidious form! The day we don't have control over our own bodies is the day we lose our freedom.

I have a problem with some of your advice-giving. You actually told a 15-year-old that it's okay to fantasize about his relatives. Also you told a 14-year-old that it's okay to let another boy [masturbate him]. Then we wonder what's wrong with our children — it's the ungodly advice [like this]. It goes to show people aren't born to be gay — they are prompted to be! The word of God says seek not the counsel of the ungodly! As I see it you are very ungodly! Why do these people seem so confused and not feeling good about themselves, and seeking you out for help? And then you ease their God-given humane nature and tell them they're okay. It looks like they're looking for someone to justify what they're doing.

The ignorance of some people just astounds me. How dare you provide free information accessible to everyone? What are people thinking? When did you force them to come to this site? I just wanted to say, good job. Now it's time for me to go read the Bible and find out where these holier-than-thou people learned to be so violent and profane. I had no idea it was in there.

I'm a 14-year-old who used to masturbate all the time because of your Web site. I just looked over the whole thing for the first time, and I think you're f**king nasty. First, it is wrong to tell homosexuals that being "gay" is all right and that it is "natural" — if being gay is natural, I'm a f**king millionaire. Your language restriction is totally out of place — swearing is nothing compared to the crap you have on this site. You badly need to see a psychiatrist. Your site is totally immoral, telling a teenager the priest at his church probably masturbates too — that's full of s**t. You should really think about what you're doing telling kids masturbation is a way of "safe sex." God gives you free will because He loves you, not because he wants you to pleasure yourself. If I was God I would kick your ass. Get a life and stop telling teenagers that spanking their monkey is okay and moral. My friend is addicted to pornography because of masturbation — now is that okay, you son of a bitch? I'm sure other teens have turned to pornography so they can pleasure themselves. What you're doing is wrong. If you have any conscience please take your site off the Web.

It never ceases to amaze me how worked up the Ranters can get over this site. I think it's sad that those who claim religious piety are so stuck in the days of the Old Testament that they are unable to deal with the here and now. I don't know about these bozos, but my God doesn't expect me to ignore all that scientifically documented hormonal pressure we teenagers all have to deal with. I have a girlfriend, and sex before marriage is never an issue, because God gave me a safe, healthy way to relieve the pressure. What you guys are doing is helping to stop the flow of Puritanical piety that demonizes one of the best emotions there is. Long live a new way of thinking.

You are no more than a perverted child molester, trying to brainwash children into thinking sex (in this case, lust) is okay before marriage. I know who you are, and I promise you I will not sleep until your page is off the Net. This is no joke. I am going to write an e-mail to the President of the United States, the Vice President, and the First Lady. Have you ever read a Bible? It will do a world of difference in your life. Once you invite Jesus into your heart and stop all avoidable sin, your life will be a world of difference and much better. I'm going to write some e-mails now. [Received 10/10/99]

Who's gonna take down this site? What about the Web sites that neither express nor imply any educational purpose? Have you taken down those sites? Nope, ain't gonna happen. All you Bible-toting people like to fight the uphill battle. Is it that you like to lose? You people all try to take on the world instead of doing things that would actually get accomplished. Take a reality pill — the site isn't coming down. Try helping homeless people, or crack babies. Nobody's stopping you from doing that. Don't use your effort for something you know deep down inside isn't gonna amount to a grain of salt. Oops, I forgot you like to make waves in society — because if you helped those homeless people or those crack babies, you wouldn't get much attention. You need the attention; it makes you fit in your little niche. Try to solve the real problem, not create more ones.

You say fantasy is okay. Well, read the Bible. Jesus said, "When a person looks with lust on another person he has already committed adultery in his heart." And one of the Ten Commandments is You shall not commit adultery. To me it seems like you want everyone to break the Commandments and to sin. As in the book of Genesis, the story of Onan — he spilled his seed. Then God took his life. You must want all these people who read your site to not have the chance to heaven. And with your truly tasteless joke on Palm Sunday, you are blaspheming against Jesus. You must not love Jesus or respect him. You never look at God at all. You probably don't fear God and the day of judgment. Well, too bad — when that day comes you will find out. You will probably just delete this message and forget about it, because you don't have the courage to post it. You probably never will follow until you repent.

I just stumbled over your site today. I never imagined there are such pages in the Net! You spread all the knowledge others only indicate to. I searched around for more techniques and arousing items, and I find them all here! Tomorrow I will go and buy out the vegetable store next corner. Thanks a lot!

Your Biography of the Month (or whatever it is) does nothing more than cement the obvious fact that you, your Web site, and your Web ring are nothing more than a bunch of homosexual child molesters who want to convince teen males that having sex with each other is a good thing. Your site will be removed, you can count on that — it's not a threat, it's a promise. Ignore flames all you want, flamer, but I'm going to ruin you and expose you and your site for what you are. [Received 7/5/99; Biography of the Month in question was different from the current one.]

When I was young, I didn't want to risk screwing up my life by getting my girlfriend pregnant. Now I have a very beautiful and wonderful sex life with my wife. God gave us the ability to relieve ourselves when needed for a reason. Young people are biologically equipped to mate — no matter what, there will be basic urges. As a zoology teacher I know that this inborn. If masturbation is used to hold off reproduction until people reach an age of consent, what harm is done? After all, if the Lord had not meant for it to be, he would have spoken something like, "Thou shalt not satisfy the feelings with which I have bestowed you." Try to find that passage in the Bible.

Just finished viewing your Web site for the first time, and it is excellent! I have a Ph.D. in Human Development, and my specialty is male puberty — and I must say your site is the most factually accurate I have ever seen. What a godsend for young guys. (An old guy like me also learned a trick or two.)

First let me say you are f***ing sick. How dare you assume that we teenagers wish to learn about this? And, how can you assume that parents would want their kids reading this trash? This is *not* something to be *taught* on the Internet! You are just teaching teenagers to become sex-crazy perverts! I swear to God if I ever find you....

I am a 15-year-old male. The number of people who threaten to have your site taken down astonishes me. The Internet has been built on the premise of free speech, and it should stay that way. I cannot fathom a world run completely by religion and religious morals. Many groups are unaware of other beliefs and feel compelled to preach their censoring ideas and idealistic values to people who have open minds. Having an opinion about something is one thing, but taking away someone's right to express his or her ideas is unethical. No matter what the subject matter is, information should be posted on the Internet for anyone who wants to find it. As the great French Philosopher Voltaire once said, "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it."

I have to agree with the other Ranters here that your site seems to tendentiously refer to sex with males. I'm gay myself, and I've had the misfortune of meeting a lot of gay men who match the stereotype of insidious sexual predator. Frankly, it's disheartening to see how hard so many gays and lesbians have worked to gain respect, only to see it thrown down the drain by some pedophile creating a skillful artifice just to get kids to talk about their sex lives. I found 15 separate references to male-male sex on your site, and after that I stopped counting. I never spotted anything on masturbating with your girlfriend — only guys, over and over. [This reader missed several male-female masturbation references — most notably this Question of the Week. -Ed.] Many of your posted letters do not seem like they were written by kids — I have a feeling that much older men are writing to this site for thrills. Even worse, many of the "expert techniques" you describe seem potentially dangerous (e.g., using hair dryers — not safe at all). I simply don't feel this site has been created with the benefit of teenagers in mind.

I can't express how glad I am that your site is around for people all around the world — like Norway, where I'm from. As I am 15, and I don't know what I would do without it. I'm not exaggerating; you *seriously* deserve a medal for doing this. When I go through your site and look at all the work you have done with the Surveys, the Question of the Week section, the articles, and all the other stuff, I just think, Thank God for the Internet — and you guys at JackinWorld.

I find it highly disturbing that a whole Web site has been allotted to an erotic and obscene action, illustrating the lapses of our society, government, and social well-being. Instead of encouraging such madness we should be trying to talk to our youth on how to escape the addictions of masturbation, which can be a hell of its own if not attacked with restraint and a Pledge to the Eternal Spirit. Let's get together and attempt to put an end to the addiction instead of endorsing and rationalizing it, for it can easily transform into a lifelong plague if not assessed properly. May God bestow His peace and blessings upon you.

It's great that you stick your neck out to do a service to both kids in this awkward time and adults who deal with these kids. Never back down. Stand your ground. To quote the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, "I will not equivocate, I will not compromise, and I will be heard."

As a certified guidance counselor I wish I had known earlier about JackinWorld. I would have referred my students with questions and "problems" related to [masturbation]. I've had students come to me with some wild conclusion about how their masturbating affected other experiences in their lives. Try to make this resource known through other more types of media. Let school counselors and other professionals know it exists.

I just read your page and I think it's all a bunch of s**t! Why do you people care so much about teens masturbating? It makes no sense to me, and I think you people are perverts! You say your site is educational, yet you refer to the penis as a "d*ck" and masturbation as "j**king off"! That's not very professional! I think you're just a bunch of perverts looking for a cheap thrill. I hope you people get in a lot of trouble, because I'm reporting your site — and believe me, it will be taken down! [Received 7/25/98]

It seems to me the Rants are written by people filled with rage, and the Raves are written by more relaxed people. I think I'm able to figure out why that is.

This site is an absolute disgrace. It is sick and disgusting to encourage people, especially young teens, to feel their penises to allow sexual pleasure and [cause] a white fluid to flow out. I hope you feel ashamed of yourself. It is sick and nasty and repulsive. [You should instead] encourage young people to get a girlfriend to hang out with and go places with. Not to feel their penises.

Kids need all the help they can get, and you are giving it to them. You've probably saved several innocent children from suicide. You should definitely be nominated for sainthood.

Your site makes me very pissed. First of all, yes, I have fought this battle before, which got to be about as tough as the Vietnam War — until my mom found my porno magazines and kicked my ass. Over the next few months, I managed to win back my will power, and since, have not engaged in this activity.

I'm a 17-year-old female. To the person who said we need willpower and are giving into our sexual urges: If I gave into my sexual urges, I'd be pregnant by now. I'm not getting any diseases, and I'm not getting pregnant. What's the problem?

Where's the fun in masturbation if someone tells you how to do it? Masturbation is something to joke about with your buddies, not look up on the Web. And these hints on how to seduce a friend into mutual masturbation are just plain sick. Let's keep it in the closet where it belongs.

It's amazing what people Rant about these days. Ya know, I'm schlepping around on this insignificant pebble in the middle of the universe for about 90 years. During this time if I pleasure myself once or twice a day, then that is my issue — not the Ranters'. What is the big deal?

I don't think the Ranters are idiots, just unhappy. If you do not want your little offspring visiting this site, then tell them not to visit it. Hello! I am so glad *you* know so much more than me on certain subjects. Thank you for *protecting* me.

I'm a 14-year-old male. I do not masturbate and never will. And if you want to know my opinion, you should take your Web site off the Net.

When I first saw your site a few months ago, I thought I found a site that would do exactly what it said it did: inform teens (and other people for that matter) about how and why to masturbate. But you cross the line big time when you publish tasteless jokes like:
Q. Lovers celebrate Valentine's Day — what do masturbators celebrate?
A. Palm Sunday.
If your intent is to inform teens about masturbation, go ahead — but I think it should have educational value. In my opinion, you have abused your privilege to free speech by publishing things like that.

All things considered, I would say you have the least tasteful site on the Internet. For educational value, on a scale from one to ten (ten being the most educational), I would give your site a negative 755. You not only don't do exactly what you promised to do, but there's probably a "JackinWorld Cult" of teens who are off doing anal stimulation and mutual masturbation. Ask me and I'll say that is just plain wrong.

This site is of educational value. It's the only site that offers help and explanations of a subject most avoided by people. This boy would not know what an education is if it slapped him in the face. And when he wrote that crock about you abusing free speech, he should re-read the Constitution all over again.

Don't let the small handful of homophobic, overly-sensitive, sexually deprived idiots dictate what goes on here. I guess if God makes people who masturbate, he also has to throw in a few idiots to balance the scale.

I am 70 years old, and how I wish there had been something like your site when I was a teen. The misery and guilt I suffered is beyond description, as my family was very religious. I was well into adulthood and in the military before I found that masturbation was a normal private function. I detest the two-faced people of my past, including ministers, scout leaders, and my father, who made me think I was scum for touching my penis for any reason other than bathing and urinating. Keep up the wonderful work of easing the minds of young people. I wish your site could be headlined in any youth magazine. Maybe they'll find it anyway.

My boys (both 17) were surfing the Net when they stumbled across your page. I routinely check the cache to make sure they are not getting into any hardcore material. I was first shocked, and then delighted, at JackinWorld's content. Until four months ago, I had heavy guilt feelings about my own needs for masturbation, which haven't abated in 30 years of marriage. Your page has been the catalyst for many open discussions with my boys. I have talked to their mother about their need for privacy, and they are provided all the condoms, lube, and tissues they need, with no questions asked. I have tried to emphasize the importance of enjoying the experience and not rushing to a climax. I wish JackinWorld had been available when our first two children were teens. For that matter, I wish I'd had a resource like yours 45 years ago. Many thanks for your valuable service.

As the mother of a 13-year-old boy, I feel compelled to write you. I consider myself very open-minded and am by no means the morals police. My son got to this Web site, even though he has only teen access to the Web through AOL. I understand some of what you are trying to do at this site — but you have crossed the line of being "educational." References to anal stimulation, being masturbated by other boys, and vibrators and dildoes have no place in a site that can be reached by young teenagers. It appears that you are trying to get young boys who might not have even given any thought to such things used to, and interested in, homosexual ideas. Also, a "teen" site should not have 40- and 50-year-old men replying to their sexual questions. What are these grown men doing searching your site, anyway? (Let's see how many people can guess the correct answer.) Personally, I think you have taken a good idea and let it become a hunting ground for perverts. You should be ashamed. Thank you for listening, and rest assured, you will be reported to anyone who can assist me in getting you removed.

While I've been exploring the net for less than a year, and only discovered your site today, I can say hands down that this is the best excuse in the world for cyberspace and free speech — and I hope you can continue to maintain the site for many years. I hope your approach [to masturbation] catches on, and that in the future our society will become much more accepting of frank and public discussion of masturbation. In my mind, you are as much a hero as Dr. Joycelyn Elders and Shere Hite, who did for me what you are attempting to do for boys now: allowing them to explore who they are and how they feel without feeling like a weirdo. Thanks for your time and effort! May you always drink deep from the water of life and never thirst.

It's entirely obvious that there is some well meaning behind your site — but it's more obvious it's all a big lie. You write most of the responses, you write the interviews...all of this as an attempt to encourage young boys to think it's natural to play around with other boys. Yes, it happens, but you shouldn't use JackinWorld as a forum to tell them they're "not like everyone else" if it doesn't. It's awfully clear this little project is an elaborate way to fill your head with fantasies. Eavesdropping on kids while they comment on masturbating (and only humoring the adults) — while subversively making them feel the only person who can make them happy is another man — is selfish, misguided, and disgusting.

I am a therapist who has had a lot of experience working with troubled teenage boys and adolescents. I actually ran across your site by pure accident while "surfing" yesterday and was extremely pleased at what I saw. So many kids are deeply troubled by guilt and shame regarding their own responses to natural instincts. Additionally, a very large number of boys have terrible experiences with the adults in their lives regarding sex: either they make them feel shame, or they take sexual advantage of them. This is particularly true of kids who may have some inclination towards homosexuality. I find your information to be accurate, informative, kid-user-friendly, and emotionally supportive for all adolescents. I am especially pleased, however, that gay teens can find normalcy here. Keep up the terrific work!

I hope to God you don't buy into the Rants I have read on this page. This Web site has changed my life; that is the truth. I have totally become more confident, and I have stopped feeling I am some kind of freak of nature. The thing you have to remember is that behind every Rave, there is a person like me — a person who has been made better, who has been changed from a "freak" to a normal, regular participant in the human race. And behind every Rant there is just a monster — a person who has been made bitter by the system this site fights. It's funny who calls us (those who believe in what this site teaches, and practices what they believe) perverts. Hiding or distorting the truth ... those are the most perverted things that can be done in this world. Which do you truly think is worse: the destruction of this site — which has undoubtedly saved hundreds if not thousands of guys and girls from years and years of angst (and will continue to do so, as long as humans are here) — or pleasuring yourself?

I'm a 13-year-old Catholic male. I used to masturbate and did it only four times in my whole life. I quit after I read your interview. You don't have the courage to sign your own name to your letters. Why? Probably because you would ruin your political life in whatever company you work for.

I do not know what the Church thinks about masturbation, but I think it is pure evil manually stimulating sexual organs and wasting sperm or the gift of life within it! I really think this page is a disgrace, because it teaches young males like me to feed their sexual urges, and feeding the urges causes the urges to have to be fed more and more and more. Freedom of speech in the U.S. is part of your civil rights, and so is "playing with yourself" — but I'm telling you this page is not something I would want my kids to see if I have any.

I hope I pissed on your parade, because what you are doing is teaching evil. And please do not tell gay people it is okay because it is not. Basically, you are delivering a very vague and distorted message to your readers, and I wish you would stop.

This Web site has really impressed me, and the Rants have made me laugh. One states this is beyond "educational" material — if this isn't educational, I guess I don't know the definition of an "educational Web site."

The 13-year-old Catholic boy implies masturbation is "evil" because it is selfishly feeding one's own need for sexual satisfaction. If it's "evil" to satisfy one's need for pleasure, would getting a back or foot massage be evil also? There is no such thing as "evil," but there IS such a thing as immorality. Immorality is a matter of opinion, therefore no one can claim to have the true definition of what is "wrong" or what is "right."

Also, in response to the following: "You don't have the courage to sign your own name to your letters. Why?" Because, [JackinWorld Editor M.J. Ecker] does not want to be stalked down and probably murdered by religious bigots -- *that's* why.

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