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JackinWorld needs your support in order to continue providing free, truthful, responsible information about masturbation to those who need it most.

This is a very popular site that receives hundreds of thousands of visits per month, and as anyone who runs a high-traffic site knows, traffic costs money. Since JackinWorld is committed to remaining free from advertisements and other commercial affiliations, you are our only source of income. Without your help, the site would run out of money and be closed down — much to the delight of those many people who feel masturbation should remain a shameful, secretive practice never to be discussed.

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A little background: JackinWorld first went online on November 1, 1996, as a single page with a definition of masturbation and simple instructions on how to masturbate. The site received instant attention, and for the first couple of years we had a tough time finding an online host — even back then, several companies kicked us off their servers because the site was attracting too much traffic, and it was even shut down altogether a couple of times. We secured a commercial server account that was more robust, but it was expensive. To help pay for hosting, we decided to sell memberships to a separate private site called JackInsider. Accepting online payments, however, was an ongoing problem. Over the course of several years we worked with various payment systems, including PayPal, iBill, iKobo, and iBill again — but each one, in turn, found a way to get rid of us. We learned, through headache after headache, that the credit-card industry is extremely sensitive about working with sites that deal with sexuality; it considers JackinWorld an "adult" site, and credit companies impose prohibitive fees on "adult" sites, forcing all but the most profitable ones out of business. Since JackinWorld is non-pornographic, we just don't make enough money to afford ridiculous things like $50-per-week electronic fund transfer fees.

So, in 2006 we decided that rather than sell memberships, we'd cut back on costs by phasing out JackInsider altogether, and we elected to put its content (including years of archived material and many thousands of Question of the Week responses) on the free site. In doing so, we're asking that you help us out a little.

You can donate online by using the Honor System — see the box at the upper right. (For reasons mentioned above, we cannot accept PayPal.) We also accept cash, personal checks (payable to JackinWorld or "JW"), and money orders via U.S. Mail. Our mailing address:

P.O. Box 1799
Alameda, CA 94501

Thank you very much.

— The JackinWorld Editors
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