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Flexing The PC Muscle; Nipple Stimulation, Continued

Penis size is one matter that concerns many human males, perhaps more than it needs to. The common wisdom on this subject is that size is really not important. Indeed, no two penises are quite the same, and the quality of the pleasure your penis provides to you is what really matters. In fact, in relation to body size a human male has the largest penis of any primate. Among apes the flaccid penis is not even visible. The erect organ varies from only 1 1/4 inches in the gorilla to 3 inches for the chimpanzee, while a human erection averages around 6 inches. Science hasn't yet proved why we have such a relatively enormous penis, though evolutionary selection is probably responsible. Physically such size is not necessary for reproductive success, yet it seems to serve as a signal or display function, like the peacock's tail. Because women are not so impressed by or concerned with penis size, the display functions mainly in relation to fellow males. Maybe it is worth being glad you are human. But appreciating and enjoying your own penis is what truly matters.

You might want to try some exercises designed to enhance your pleasure during masturbation or sex and to increase the orgasm intensity. If you have been paying attention to the muscles controlling urination, as I've suggested before, you have taken the first step already. The "Kegel" exercises you may have heard of were originally intended to help women regain better control of their bladders — but a side effect has been increased sexual enjoyment for both women and men. I have developed some variations to enhance male function and have fun at the same time. First I will describe a beginning process to be done naked in privacy, but the basic practice can later be performed almost anywhere without anyone knowing you are doing it.

Begin by standing with your feet on the floor about shoulder-width apart, standing relaxed with your knees slightly bent. Facing a full-length mirror can be useful to observe your body's reactions. As always, relax and breathe, and focus your attention on the area between your genitals and anus. This includes the ridge of the perineum, behind your scrotum. But now we are concerned with a large muscle called the pubococcygeus, or PC muscle for short (not to be confused with a personal computer or political correctness!). The PC muscle runs from front to back; the plumbing for urine and semen, as well as the rectum, passes through the muscle. The sensations of the genitals and the anus are connected in this region. Try contracting the PC muscle and relaxing it, as if you were cutting off the flow of urine and then letting go. This should feel like a valve tightening around your penis and scrotum. Do it a few times to become aware of the sensations and locations.

I recommend observing yourself in a mirror at first, if possible, while doing this. As you continue the contraction a few more times, include tightening and relaxing your anal sphincter along with the rest. You already have voluntary control of these muscles involved in elimination. The next step is to breathe IN as you contract the PC — then breathe OUT as you relax the PC. Breathing helps you to coordinate the whole effort. Do this no more than 10 or 12 times at first. Rest, and then do another series of the exercises along with the breathing. Let your hips rock and roll slightly as you do this, and a natural rhythm will develop. I caution you not to do too many series at first — work up to it gradually. The rewards will be great over time. Like any muscle, until further developed the PC can get exhausted and become sore. The practice can become part of your regular masturbation sessions. When you grow aroused, the contracting may cause your erection to lurch upward and sway about. This means you are doing it right. You may want to try pressing on the middle of the perineum behind your scrotum; observe how this also stirs your erection. Another thing to notice is that the PC contractions may pull your testicles upward a bit, then drop them as you relax. All of these effects and the awareness that comes along with them are beneficial.

You can also perform the basic squeezing reflexes while fully clothed, at almost any place or time, such as at work or school. Nobody needs to know what you are doing with those muscles inside your pants. A regular practice of several series, several times a day, can lead to increasing pleasure. In later columns I will go into more detail on using the PC contractions to refine and prolong near-orgasmic states as well as produce more powerful orgasms.

Another subject I've promised to revisit is nipple stimulation. Though the sensitivity and responsiveness of male nipples varies widely from almost nothing to extreme, for most males the capacity can be developed somewhat. About 6 in every 10 men experience erection of the nipples during the later stages of sexual arousal. All male nipples have some sensory nerve receptors, though not so many as female nipples, which are designed for nursing offspring. In my own experience, initially I felt very little pleasure from my nipples. But in jogging near my home, I always felt a buzzing in my nipples when I passed under a power line above the road. I have worked with my nipples during masturbation and now enjoy this form of stimulation much more.

Technically, "nipple" refers only to the little protruding nub of tissue. The pigmented circle surrounding it is called the aureole. Sometimes you can attach objects to the nipples to focus awareness on them — but never cause yourself pain or bleeding. Such devices should never be sharp or clamp too tightly for comfort. Try taking an extra-large paper clip and pull the bottom part slightly open. Bend it open just enough so it can clip onto a nipple and stay fixed there without hurting, while exerting enough pressure to be felt. Let the sensations mingle with your pleasure while you continue masturbating. You can also try putting on a loose shirt over the clips so your slightest motions will add further stimulus to your sensitized nipples as you masturbate.

Though nipple piercing has become quite popular, I discourage any kind of piercing. A pierced friend of mine said it hurt a great deal. I do recommend using fingers to pinch and pull on your own nipples while masturbating, lubricating the nipples with saliva or with the same lubricant used on your penis. Try stimulating one nipple at a time while stroking up and down along your entire erection, or while "triggering" just the frenulum on the underside of your penis head with a single finger. You can flick the nipple with a fingernail, or circle on it with a fingertip. Alternate this with stroking a hand over your whole chest. If you take your time and allow yourself to be absorbed in the pleasure, nipple stimulation may become a regular part of your masturbation sessions.

Taking the time to pay full attention to the sensations may prove to be the key in successfully adding nipple stimulation to your inventory of masturbation skills. And if it doesn't work for you, so what? It's at least worth trying.

Until next time, guys, please enjoy!

JackInsider columnist Bruce McFarland, who has a B.A. in Creative Writing, has practiced Taoist erotic techniques for years and continues to study the intricacies of human sexuality. Though involved in a relationship, he enjoys masturbating now more than ever.
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