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JackinWorld Biography of the Month

I am unable to remember when my penis first revealed its abilities to me. Masturbation was something I was born with — just as many children are born with a thumb-sucking habit, I was born with a penis-rubbing habit. As a toddler, the dreaded "naptime" was always a pleasure session. However, because I began masturbating before I ever had any idea of its significance, I did not masturbate in the traditional style.

Like the majority of the men on this planet, I am uncircumcised. This allowed me to take advantage of a unique technique. Unfortunately I believe my early style was potentially harmful. When starting to masturbate, I would need my penis to be completely flaccid. If it was even semi-erect, the pleasure was hindered. With my penis soft, I would lie down on a surface (usually our carpeted floor), because a bed was less firm, and "rub myself." The act of rubbing myself was a two-step technique. Face-down on the floor, with my penis mashed into the carpet, I would first slide back ever so slightly. This shoved my penis out of my foreskin. Then I would return to my original position, mashing the penis back into the foreskin. All the while I would keep my entire body in constant contact with the carpet, with the exception of my shoulders and up. I have trouble explaining it, but I can say it was the most pleasurable masturbation technique I've ever encountered. It also required very little motion, so I would do it on the mats during our kindergarten naptime. All I knew was that it felt good, and all I knew about sex was that I had to take out my penis when I needed to go to the bathroom.

I told friends and relatives (all male, of course) about it, but they could make little sense of the information. None of us knew about masturbation, and my technique was not a simple hand-on-penis method.

Later, around first grade, I saw a friend in the nude somewhere. This is when I first saw a circumcised penis. At first I thought the kid must have had a defect. I would later be around other friends and think I had the defective penis.

In our study on the bookshelves there is a diary, or "baby book." This is about me and was kept by my parents during my mother's pregnancy. I had read this often, and by the time I was 10 or so, I had connected one mysterious word on the after-the-birth page to the reason why my penis was different from my friends'. My parents had written "we chose not to circumcise [my name] because we couldn't bear the thought of causing him unnecessary pain." I researched the word on our computer encyclopedia. I also led myself to other articles on the CD, one of which was titled "masturbation."

I was finally beginning to realize the significance of my longtime hobby. I had begun to change focus and no longer masturbated to keep busy but to satisfy the urge girls set on me. Now I was beginning to understand that the penis had a third function. Not only was it a relief when I had to "pee," and it wasn't just an organ of self-pleasure, but it was part of "making babies."

A year or so later, as puberty was well under way, I found JackinWorld. Through the site I realized my masturbation technique was relatively unknown. The focus of sleepovers at friends' houses was shifting from sharing the bits and pieces we knew about the magic word "sex," to sharing pornography and masturbating — and I took note that most of my friends didn't roll over and hump the floor. So, upon reading through JackinWorld, I wasn't shocked that there was no mention of my technique. The few references to hands-free masturbation referred more to techniques where the penis was rubbed against an object, as opposed to my mashing technique.

All this at hand, I began to understand why I had experienced so much difficulty in communicating to my friends how I masturbated. The way I did it, I couldn't truly see what I was doing, because my entire penis was hidden beneath me. However I did conclude that my technique required the penis to be uncircumcised, due to the way in which my "mashing" twisted the penis back and forth within the foreskin. I also concluded that my technique was unusual, because it required a flaccid penis so it could bend during the "mashing." When my friends tried it, they ended up simply rubbing their erection on the floor — a common technique and not all that pleasing.

My first ejaculation occurred somewhere around age 13. I was still "floor-humping" at that point, and my ejaculation was not the fantastic explosion of sensation I expected. Rather, I found a little bit of semen on the floor and wiped it up...end of story.

As my penis grew throughout puberty, it became more difficult to use my technique. I also began to sense that the way I mashed my penis into my body might be harmful, so I vowed to begin masturbating like my friends — and the good majority of the male community. Converting was incredibly difficult. To start, I began putting my hands in between my penis and the carpet, so in a sense I was substituting the floor with my hands. For step two, I began masturbating against the wall, with my hands separating my penis and the wall. Again, I tried to replace the floor with my hands and masturbate as I had for years. When this worked, I was ready to leave all outside support. For my first hands-only session I used essentially the same technique of my past — however, now I had to make the most challenging part of the transition, from "mashing" a flaccid penis to "fisting" an erect one. This took a lot of patience; at one point I almost dropped to the floor and destroyed all my work. Finally, I realized what I had to do: I decided to abstain from masturbation for a week (a long time!), and when my hormones were near exploding, I would grab my penis with my fist and go at it for however many hours it took to reach orgasm.

One of the reasons I believe my early technique had harmed me was it had significantly raised my expectations from a masturbation session. So the sensation from the traditional "fist" method took a great deal longer to achieve. However, I was determined. I took advantage of an afternoon when the house was empty and dumped all the lotions I could find, and a mouthful of spit, on my innocent penis. This done, I began to use the "fist," and a half hour later, nearly exhausted, my penis ejaculated the largest quantity of semen it had ever shown me.

From then on, I masturbated like all of my friends and like most men.

Today I proudly masturbate with some lotion and my fist. I experiment, and I did play with pumpkin guck during Halloween. (Let me tell you, the stuff is good!) I also sometimes use a condom or saran wrap on my penis and thrust in between two pillows.

Looking back at all this, my penis and I have had quite the interesting life! I'm in no hurry for sex. When you can enjoy the pleasures of masturbation, what's the rush?
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