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2004 SURVEY (from February '04)
  A survey of 5,000 male readers of all ages. Includes masturbation frequency, preferred visual materials, attitudes about nudity and sexual orientation, penis size along with shoe size, ethnicity, and hair color, and more.

5TH ANNIVERSARY SURVEY (from November '01)
  A survey of 5,005 male readers of all ages. Includes nocturnal emission experience, alternative stimulation techniques, erogenous zones, and more.

SURVEY 2000 (from May '00)
  A survey of 3,109 male and female readers of all ages. Includes masturbation frequency, fantasies, techniques, attitudes about themselves and the opposite sex, and more.

  A survey of 2,284 male readers of all ages, with regard to masturbation frequency, fantasies, sexual preference, when and how people masturbate, and more.

PUBERTY SURVEY (from July '98)
  A survey of over 2,400 male readers age 19 and under, with regard to body development, masturbation frequency, attitudes, and more.

ADULT SURVEY (from November '97 - January '98)
  A survey of readers over age 30 who have been in extended committed relationships. Covers attitudes, practices, masturbation's role in relationships, more.

SURVEY #3 (from October '97)
  A survey of 1,200 male readers with regard to masturbation frequency, privacy, duration of masturbation sessions, penis size, penis "hang" and "curve," and more.

SURVEY #2 (from March/April '97)
  A survey of 600 under-21 male readers with regard to penis size, circumcision status, sexual experience, sexual orientation, fantasies, and more.

SURVEY #1 (from December '96)
  A study of JackinWorld reader ages, masturbation experience, masturbation frequency, penis size, lubes, and grips.

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