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A JackinWorld Glossary of Sexual Terms

Important note: In the spirit of education, this glossary includes many slang terms, cross-referenced to their proper terms. Most of these are considered crude or vulgar by the general public. Do not read this glossary if you are offended by slang sexual terms — this is one of the very few places on JackinWorld where they appear.

Anus — The opening through which feces are eliminated.
Balls — (slang) See Testicles
Beating Off — (slang) See Masturbation
Blow Job — (slang) See Fellatio
Boner — (slang) See Erection
Circle Jerk — (slang) Masturbation in a group.
Circumcision — The removal of the foreskin by a surgical procedure. Done in some cultures and religions as a rite of passage.
Clitoris — A small, fleshy fold at the top of the vaginal area which fills with blood during sexual arousal and can cause an orgasm if stimulated. The clitoris is developmentally analagous to the male penis, so it contains many nerve endings that deliver pleasure sensations when stimulated
Cock — (slang) See Penis
Corona — The rim or edge of the glans of the penis
Cowper's Gland — A part of the male reproductive system that secretes pre-ejaculatory fluid.
Cum — (slang) As a noun, it usually refers to semen; as a verb, it means to reach orgasm. Also sometimes spelled "come."
Cunnilingus — The act of putting the mouth in the vaginal area and stimulating the vagina and clitoris with the tongue.
Cut — (slang) Circumcised (see Circumcision).
Dick — (slang) See Penis
Dildo — A device made of plastic or rubber used by females to penetrate the vagina, or males to penetrate the anus, during masturbation or sex play. Some battery-powered dildos vibrate.
Dry Humping — (slang) See Frottage
Eat Out — (slang) Perform cunnilingus.
Ejaculation — The emission of semen from the penis, usually at the climax of sexual intercourse or masturbation.
Erection — The stiff, hard state of a penis that has filled with blood during sexual arousal. Erection can also happen spontaneously without sexual arousal, particularly among teens or during sleep.
Fellatio — The act of placing the mouth on the penis and sucking and/or stimulating with the tongue.
Foreskin — A piece of skin surrounding the head of the penis. It is removed in the operation known as circumcision. In uncircumcised men, the foreskin often rolls back during erection.
Frenulum — The extra-sensitive, loose piece of skin under the head of the penis.
Frottage — Rubbing one's genitals against another person, either clothed or unclothed.
G-Spot — Grafenberg spot; a dime-sized, extra-sensitive area located approximately 3 inches inside the vagina, where the urethra runs closest to the top of the vaginal wall. A male G-spot may exist, but the term is less defined, as it can be used to describe several areas on or in the male body.
Glans — The head of the penis.
Going Down — (slang) Performing either fellatio or cunnilingus.
Hand Job — (slang) Stimulating a male to orgasm by another person, using the hands on the penis.
Hard-On — (slang) See Erection
Jacking Off — (slang) See Masturbation
Jerking Off — (slang) See Masturbation
Jilling — (slang) Female masturbation.
Kegel Exercises — Exercises that develop the pubococcygeus muscles; in some people this can increase ejaculation force and orgasm intensity over time.
Labia — The fleshy folds of skin that surround the vagina.
Masturbation — Stimulating one's genitals, often to achieve orgasm.
Mons — Soft, fleshy area near a woman's genitals, normally covered with pubic hair.
Mutual Masturbation — Two people masturbating each other at the same time.
Nocturnal EmissionEjaculation of semen during sleep. It is usually accompanied by erotic dreams and is most prevalent during the teen years — though males who masturbate regularly may experience it rarely or not at all.
Nuts — (slang) See Testicles
Onanism — An archaic term referring to masturbation based on the story of Onan in the Bible, who withdrew during sexual intercourse with his deceased brother's wife and thereby ejaculated onto the ground.
Oral Sex — See Fellatio, Cunnilingus
Orgasm — The pleasurable release of sexual tension; the climax. In males who have reached puberty, it is normally accompanied by ejaculation.
PC Muscles — See Pubococcygeus.
Penis — The cylinder-shaped external male sexual organ, used for copulation (sexual intercourse).
Perineum — The area of skin between the anus and the scrotum in a male, or the anus and the vagina in a female.
Phallus — Another word for Penis.
Pre-Cum — (slang) Pre-Ejaculatory Fluid
Pre-Ejaculatory Fluid — A clear, sticky liquid, produced by the Cowper's gland, which lubricates the urethra during sexual arousal, preparing it for ejaculation.
Prepuce — Another word for Foreskin.
Prostate — An organ located beneath the male bladder in front of the rectum, which produces one of the fluid components of semen.
Puberty — The stage of development in which the body becomes capable of reproducing sexually. It can start as early as age 8 or as late as age 18, but usually it begins between ages 10 and 14.
Pubic Hair — The hair that surrounds and covers the genitals.
Pubococcygeus (PC) Muscle — Actually, a group of muscles at the floor of the pelvis that control urination, defecation, and reproductive functions. The PC can be controlled voluntarily (you relax it when you want to urinate); it also contracts involuntarily at orgasm, at a rate of about one contraction every 0.7 seconds.
Pussy — (slang) See Vagina
Rectum — The internal canal leading from the intestines to the anus.
Refractory Period — The time it takes for a person to "recover" from orgasm or ejaculation and be able to have another one.
Scrotum — The sac of skin that houses the testicles on a male.
Semen — The white, yellowish, or clear sticky fluid that carries and nourishes sperm.
Snatch — (slang) See Vagina
Sperm — Microscopic, tadpole-like reproductive cells contained in semen. A sperm cell contains half the genes necessary to create a child; the other half is contributed by the mother's egg.
Stiffy — (slang) See Erection
Sucking Off — (slang) See Fellatio
Testicles — The oval-shaped male genital organs under the penis, where sperm and testosterone (the primary hormone associated with male development and reproduction) are produced.
Uncut — (slang) Uncircumcised (see Circumcision).
Urethra — The tube through which urine passes in both males and females, and semen passes in males.
Vagina — The canal-like part of a woman's reproductive system that leads from the outside of the body to the other internal reproductive organs. It is entered by the penis during intercourse or by a dildo during masturbation. Sometimes the term "vagina" is used to refer to a woman's entire genital area.
Vas Deferens — A thin tube (a male has two of them) that carries sperm from the testicles to other organs, where it is stored.
Vulva — A general terms referring to the entire external female genitalia, including every part of a woman's genital area that can be seen: the mons, labia, clitoris, and perineum.
Wanking — (slang) See Masturbation
Wet Dream — (slang) See Nocturnal Emission
Whacking Off — (slang) See Masturbation

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