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Abstaining from Masturbation
    Does it make you want sex more? (Q&A)
    Maximum time (Q&A)
    Reader averages (Survey #3)
    Safety (Q&A)

    Caused by masturbation — myth (Q&A)

Addiction to Masturbation
    Is masturbation addictive?/essay (Library)

Age Differences
    And two-person masturbation (Q&A)

Age of First Orgasm/Ejaculation
    Readers' (Puberty Survey)
    Readers' (Survey #3)

Age & Masturbation
    Do older people masturbate? (Q&A)
    Frequency, ejaculation force, etc. (Survey #3)
    Sperm production in old age (Q&A)

    Can you get HIV by masturbating in a public restroom? (Q&A)

Anal Stimulation
    Ice in the anus — is it safe? (Q&A)
    How to do it (for mature readers) (Library)
    Introducing into a heterosexual relationship (Q&A)
    Lotion as a lubricant (Q&A)

    Dogs — do they masturbate? (Q&A)
    Masturbating with an animal — okay? (Q&A)

Arm Size
    Affected by masturbation? (Q&A)

Athletics & Masturbation
    Does masturbation sap your body of energy? (Q&A)

Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation
    Dangerous technique! (Q&A)

Auto-fellatio (stimulating yourself orally)
    How to do it (Q&A)

    Caused by masturbation — myth (JackinQ&A)

"Blow-job" — giving yourself
    See Auto-fellatio

Blood in semen
    Is it a cause for alarm? (JackinQ&A)

"Blue Balls" (testicular vasocongestion)
    What are they & what causes them? (Q&A — 3 Q's)

    Does masturbation rob body of protein? (Q&A)

Brothers / Cousins
    See also Males, Other
    See also Mutual Masturbation
    Asking younger brother to masturbate together (Q&A)
     Asking whether they masturbate (Q&A)
     Bringing up topic of masturbation (Q&A)
     Guilt after masturbating together (Q&A — 2 Q's)
     Masturbating with brother in the room (Q&A)
    Telling younger relative about masturbation (Q&A)
     Uncomfortable about masturbating (Q&A)
     Younger brother asking questions (Q&A)

    Definition (Tidbits)
    Asking to have a circumcision performed (Q&A)
    Embarrassment about being uncircumcised (Q&A)
    Foreskin — sore after masturbating (Q&A)
    Foreskin — too tight (Q&A — 3 Q's)
    Foreskin — white substance accumulating inside (Q&A)
    Incidence in U.S. and world (Q&A)
    Masturbation methods & circumcision (How-To)
    Sensitivity, circumcised vs. uncircumcised (Q&A)
    Statistics among JackinWorld readers (Survey #2)
    Women's feelings about uncircumcised penises (Q&A)

Clothing Worn During Masturbation
    Readers' preferences (Preferences & Practices Survey)

    Masturbating in college (Library)
    Masturbating in college (Q&A — 2 Q's)

    See Ejaculation

    Buying, and using in masturbation (Q&A)
    Buying, inability to buy (Q&A)
    Embarassment about buying (Q&A)
    Saran Wrap as a substitute for condom (Q&A)
    Smell — are they supposed to smell nasty? (Q&A)

    See Brothers / Cousins and Females

Cowper's Gland Secretion ("Pre-Cum")
    Appearance (Q&A)
    Commonness (Q&A)
    Reducing or stopping secretion (Q&A)
    With girlfriend — embarrassing (Q&A)

    Does the supplement affect libido? (Q&A)

    How common is it? (Q&A)

    See Semen

    Feeling depressed after masturbating (Q&A)

    Paraplegic masturbation (Q&A)

    Can a doctor tell if you masturbate? (Q&A)
    Requesting appointment with doctor (Q&A)

    Amyl nitrate/inhalants (Q&A)

Duration of Masturbation Sessions
    Average (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Reader statistics (Survey #3)

    "Popping"/hearing loss after ejaculating (Q&A)

    Advocating for masturbation education in schools (Library)

    See also Semen
    Athletics after ejaculating (Q&A)
    Definition (How-To)
    Delaying to prolong pleasure (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Delaying with a female (Q&A)
    Description of feeling (How-To)
    Duration of ejaculation (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Ejaculation without direct stimulation (Q&A)
    Feelings afterwards (Q&A)
    Feeling "stupid" afterwards (Q&A)
    First ejaculation — age (Survey #3)
    First ejaculation — age (Puberty Survey)
    Force — readers' (Survey #2)
    Force — readers' (Survey #3)
    Force — increasing (Q&A)
    Frequency (Q&A)
    "Holding in" your ejaculation (Library)
    Inability to ejaculate (How-To)
    Inability to ejaculate (Q&A — 3 Q's)
    Inability to ejaculate — Not old enough (Q&A)
    Inability to ejaculate — Not old enough (Q&A)
    Inability to ejaculate — "chickening out" (Q&A)
    Inability to ejaculate during sex (Q&A)
    Inability to ejaculate with girlfriend (Q&A)
    Mechanisms of ejaculation (Science Corner)
    Onset of ejaculation — age (Q&A)
    Premature — ejaculating too easily (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Quick — and how to slow down (Q&A)
    Rest needed after ejaculating (Q&A)
    "Shooting" vs. "dribbling" (Q&A)
    Tiredness afterwards (Q&A)
    Unable to delay ejaculation (Q&A)
    Urination occurring instead (Q&A)
    Urine in semen (Q&A)
    Voluntary vs. involuntary (Q&A)

Elders, Dr. Joycelyn
    Biography of Dr. Elders (Library)
    "Firing" of Dr. Elders (Q&A)
    Thoughts on Dr. Elders' "Firing" (Q&A)

    Definition (How-To)
    Getting erection in shower at school (Q&A)
    Losing erection after ejaculating (Q&A)
    Losing erection if penis isn't held (Q&A)
    Losing erection with girlfriend (Q&A)
    Masturbating without an erection (Q&A)
    Mechanisms of erection (Science Corner)
    Morning erections — persistent (Q&A)
    Persisting erection after ejaculation (Q&A)
    Problems getting an erection, minor (Q&A)
    Spontaneous/unwanted erections (Puberty Survey)
    Spontaneous/unwanted erections (Q&A)
    Weak erections (Q&A)

    Masturbation frequency by ethnicity (Survey #3)

    Affected by masturbation — myth (Q&A)

    Questions about fantasies

    Children, fantasies about (Q&A)
    Drawing line between fantasy & reality (Q&A)
    Guys, fantasies about (Q&A)
    Guys, fantasies about/essay (Library)
    Reader fantasies (Preferences & Practices Survey)
    Reader fantasies (Survey #2)
    Reader fantasies (Puberty Survey)
    Reader fantasies, how much/often (Survey 2000)
    Relatives, fantasies about (Q&A)

    Fathers and sons: opening communication lines (Library)

Fear of Masturbating
    Reader scared to masturbate (Q&A)

    Questions about dealing with females (Q&A)

     Anatomy (JackinForHer)
    Arm cramps up when masturbating boyfriend (Q&A)
    Asking girlfriend if she masturbates (Q&A)
    Asking girlfriend if she wants to be masturbated (Q&A)
    Cousin — masturbating with a younger female (Q&A)
    "Female ejaculation" (Q&A)
    Getting girlfriend to start masturbating (Q&A)
    Girlfriend who masturbates (Q&A)
    How many females masturbate? (Q&A)
    Masturbating a female — tips (JackinForHer)
    Masturbating despite frequent intercourse (Q&A)
     Masturbating even though you have a girlfriend (Q&A)
     Masturbating with girlfriend (Q&A)
     Masturbating with platonic female friend (Q&A)
    Masturbation, female (JackinForHer)
     Sexual hangups — girlfriend who has them (Q&A)
    Sister, masturbating with (Q&A)
     Teaching girlfriend to masturbate you better (Q&A)
    What women think of male masturbation (Library)

    Does masturbation affect it? (Q&A)

    Acting on fetishes without consent (Q&A)
    Are sexual fetishes healthy? (Q&A)

    See Circumcision

Frequency of Masturbation
    Average, by readers (Preferences & Practices Survey)
    Average, by readers (Survey #3)
    Average, by readers (Puberty Survey)
    Average, by readers (Survey 2000)
    "Normal" (How-To)
    Questions about frequency (Q&A — 4 Q's)
    Reader estimates vs. relatives and peers (Survey 2000)

Frequently Asked Questions

    See Males, Other and Females

Group Masturbation
    See Mutual Masturbation

Girls / Girlfriends
    See Females

    Grips — four basic types (How-To)

    After masturbating (Q&A)

Hair — Body
    Excessive body hair (Q&A)
    Readers' (Puberty Survey)

    Readers' and masturbation (Preferences & Practices Survey)

    Inability to ejaculate by using hand (Q&A)

"Hand Job"
    See also Mutual Masturbation
    Getting masturbated — what to do during (Q&A)
    Inability to ejaculate from being masturbated (Q&A)
    Inability to ejaculate from being masturbated (Q&A)
    Quietness while a guy is being masturbated (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Uncomfortable with masturbating a man (Q&A)

    During masturbation (Q&A)
    Powerful headaches during masturbation (Q&A)

    Definition/essay (Library)
    Fantasies / Am I gay? (Q&A)
    Fantasies about guys/essay (Library)
    Group masturbation — is it "gay"? (Q&A)
    Interest in penises and homosexuality (Q&A)
    Readers' (Survey #2)

    See Libido

Household Objects
    Masturbating with household objects (Q of Week)

    How safe is it? (Library)

    Duration of intercourse (Q&A)
    Practicing for intercourse (Library)

    Itching after orgasm (Q&A)

    Questions about JackinWorld

    Ages of respondents & limits (Q&A)
    Author — about (Tidbits)
    Blocked — how to get JackinWorld un-blocked (Q&A)
    Flames to JackinWorld (Q&A)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How does the site stay up? (Q&A)
    Identities of authors --revealing (Q&A)
    Language policy (Q&A)
    Links to other sites (Q&A)
    Pictures/illustrations on JackinWorld (Q&A)
    Reader demographics (Survey #2)
    Reader demographics (Survey #3)
    Readers' perfect grammar (Q&A)
    Staff credentials (Q&A)
    Surveys — how were the results compiled? (Q&A)
    Updates (Q&A)

    Is it safe to use the jets to masturbate? (Q&A)

Jokes About Masturbation
    The JackinWorld Humor Page

Kinsey Report
    What was it? (Library)

    Changing over time (Q&A)
    Loss of libido after ejaculation (Q&A)
    Loss of Libido, extended (Q&A)
    Relieving with masturbation (How-To)

Locations for Masturbating
    Reader preferences (Preferences & Practices Survey)
    Reader preferences (Survey #3)

    "Gak" from Nickelodeon — safe? (Q&A)
    Inability to ejaculate without lube (Q&A)
    Methods (How-To)
    Non-oxynol 9 — what is it? (Q&A)
    Reader statistics (Preferences & Practices Survey)
    Reader statistics (Survey #2)
    Reducing friction without lube (Q&A)
    "Slime" from Nickelodeon — safe? (Q&A)
    Toothpaste as a lube (Q&A)
    Types — oil vs. water-based (Q&A)
    Vagina simulation (Q&A)
    Vaseline — is it safe as a lube? (Q&A)

Males, Other
    See also Mutual Masturbation
    Questions about dealing with other males (Q&A)

     Asking whether they masturbate (Q&A)
    Brothers / Cousins
    Erection — getting in shower at school (Q&A)
    Father — intolerant of masturbation (Q&A)
    Masturbating a male — tips for females (Q of Week)
    Mentoring & discussing masturbation (Q&A)
    Son wanting to masturbate with father (Q&A)
    Uncomfortable around friends masturbating (Q&A)

    See Pain

Masturbation — Miscellaneous Topics
    "Addiction" to masturbation (Q&A)
    "Addiction" to masturbation/essay (Library)
    Definition (How-To)
    Not masturbating the "usual" way (Q&A)
    Origin of word "masturbation" (Q&A)
    Preferring masturbation over sex (Q&A 2 Q's)
    Too quickly (Q&A)
    Urge to masturbate gone once in a relationship (Q&A)
    Who masturbates? (Q&A — 2 Q's)

    Masturbation in the military (Q&A)

    Masturbating in front of them (Q&A)

Multiple Orgasms
    Continuing to masturbate after orgasm (Q&A)
    Multiple orgasms in women and men (Q&A)

Muscle cramps
    Feet cramping up during masturbation (Q&A)
    Girlfriend's arm cramps up (Q&A)

Mutual Masturbation
    Attitudes about, readers', heterosexual (Survey 2000)
    See also Males, Other
     Common? (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Frequency — readers' (Preferences & Practices Survey)
    Frequency — readers' (Survey)
    Frequency — readers' (Puberty Survey)
    How to start (Q of Week)
     How to start (Q&A)
    Inability to ejaculate during (Q&A)
    Is it "gay"? (Q&A)
    Is it okay not to want to masturbate with other males? (Q&A)
    Techniques (Expert)

    About masturbation (JackinMyths)
    About masturbation (How-To)
    About masturbation (Q&A — 8 Q's)

    Especially sensitive to stimulation (Q&A)

Nocturnal Emissions
    Definition (How-To)
    Dry — is it possible? (Q&A)
    Frequency (Puberty Survey)
    Having them despite masturbating frequently (Q&A)
    Lack of nocturnal emissions (Q&A)
    Never had a nocturnal emission (Q&A)

    Readers' noise-making during masturbation (Survey 2000)

Older People
    Do they masturbate? (Q&A)

Oral Sex
    Proposed after mutual masturbation (Q&A)

    See also Ejaculation
    Closing eyes involuntarily during orgasm (Q&A)
    Crying at orgasm (Q&A)
    Definition (How-To)
    Description of feeling (How-To)
    Difficulty reaching — using too much force (Q&A)
    Feeling "stupid" afterwards (Q&A)
    Intensity — Why are some orgasms more intense than others? (Q&A)
    Intensity as a function of semen volume (Q&A)
    Intensity not the same as it used to be (Q&A)
    Multiple orgasms
    Not occurring during ejaculation (Q&A)
    Physiology of orgasm (Science Corner)

    Intentionally causing pain during masturbation (Q&A)
    Intentionally causing pain (pushing on crotch area) (Q&A)
    Painful ejaculations (Q&A)

    Overcoming Masturbation Paranoia/essay (Library)

    Interrupting your masturbation sessions (Q&A)
    Introductory Message to Parents
    JackinWorld Guide for Parents (Library)
    Telling them about masturbation habits (Q&A)
    What to do if they "catch" you masturbating (Q&A)

     General info:
    Penis anatomy & erection (Science Corner)
    Questions about the penis

     Specific info:
    Abrasions from masturbating (Q&A3 Q's)
    Angle when erect, extreme (Q&A)
    Blister from masturbating (Q&A)
    Bumps or pimples on skin (Q&A — 3 Q's)
    Cleanliness of penis (Q&A)
    Curvature to one side (Q&A)
    Curvature — readers' (Survey #3)
    Curvature upward (Q&A)
    Curvature upward or downward (Q&A)
    Desensitizing with too much stimulation (Q&A)
    Desensitizing with vibration (Q&A)
    Head — shrinking after ejaculation (Q&A)
    Inserting object into urethra — unsafe! (Q&A)
    Large, what it's like to have one (Library)
    Muscles contracting involuntarily (Q&A)
    Pumps — what are they, and are they safe? (Q&A)
    Sensitivity and rough technique (Q&A)
    Sensitivity loss over time (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Size (Library)
    Size and body weight — related? (Q&A)
    Size, and masturbation (How-To)
    Size, affected by masturbation — myth (Q&A)
    Size, average — are JackinWorld surveys accurate? (Q&A)
    Size, average — by age (Survey #2)
    Size, average — by age (Survey #3)
    Size, average — by age (Puberty Survey)
    Size, average — circumference (Q&A)
    Size, average — flaccid or soft (Q&A)
    Size, decreasing over time (Q&A)
    Size, increasing (Q&A — 4 Q's)
    Size, masturbation affecting size — myth (Q&A)
    Size, measuring (Q&A)
    Size, smaller than average (Q&A)
    Size, time of puberty onset affecting size (Q&A)
    Size, too large (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Size, weight training affecting size — myth (Q&A)
    Skin — bumps (Q&A)
    Skin — dry (Q&A)
    Skin — sore from masturbating (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Skin — tender and stinging (Q&A)

Phone Sex
    A former operator's story (Library)

    See also Visual Stimulation
    Addiction to pornography (Q&A)
    Purchase by underage people (Q&A)
    Usage by JackinWorld readers (Survey #2)

Positions For Masturbation
    Grips — four basic types (How-To)
    Face-down, rubbing against mattress (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Readers' preferences (Preferences & Practices Survey)

    See Cowper's Gland Secretion

    For masturbation (Q&A)
    Masturbating when someone else is in the room (How-To)
    Readers' and masturbation "danger" (Preferences & Practices Survey)

    Prostate health & "Stop & Go" technique (Q&A)
    Prostate surgery and masturbation (Library)

    Puberty cartoon (Library)
    Puberty Survey (Library)

Public Masturbation
    Is it bad to want to masturbate in public? (Q&A)

Quitting Masturbation
    See also Abstaining
    Quitting (Q&A — 2 Q's)

    Masturbation frequency by race (Survey #3)
    Race and masturbation (Q&A)

    Also see Females
    Masturbating while in a relationship, readers' feelings about, and practices (Survey 2000)

Relatives, Male
    See Brothers / Cousins
    See Fathers
    and Males, Other

    Getting in the way of masturbating (Q&A)
    Links to articles & resources (Library)
    Masturbating at Bible school (Q&A)
    Objections to masturbating (Q&A)
    Readers' religions (Survey #3)

Safety of Masturbation
    General info (How-To)
    How to masturbate safely (Library)

    Hair on scrotum (Q&A)
    Hard vs. soft (Q&A — 2 Q's)

    See also Ejaculation

    General info:
    Semen production & ejaculation (Science Corner)
    Questions about semen & ejaculation (Q&A)

    Specific info:
    Appearance — masturbation vs. nocturnal emission (Q&A)
    Appearance — milky vs. clear (Q&A — 4 Q's)
    Appearance — normal color (Q&A)
    Aversion to "making a mess" (Q&A)
    Bath/shower — do sperm live in water? (Q&A)
    Calories in an ejaculation (Q&A)
    Disposal (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Eating (How-To)
    Eating — how to do it (Q&A)
    Eating — safe? (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Getting on underwear — embarrassing (Q&A)
    Girlfriend disgusted by semen (Q&A)
    "Holding in" semen (dangerous) (Q&A)
    Longevity of sperm cells (Q&A)
    Lumpy consistency (Q&A)
    Quantity and excitement duration (Q&A)
    Quantity — average (Q&A)
    Quantity — increasing by delaying orgasm (Q&A)
    Quantity — increasing by not masturbating (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Quantity — related to penis or testicle size? (Q&A)
    "Shooting" vs. "dribbling" (Q&A)
    Smell (Q&A)
    Smell — can people tell when you've masturbated? (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Smell — like bleach (Q&A)
    Smell — like urine (Q&A)
    Thin and stringy, from malnutrition (Q&A)

    Losing from masturbating (Q&A)
    Readers' penis sensitivity while masturbating (Preferences & Practices Survey)

Sex Drive
    Low — is it normal? (Q&A)

Sex Education
    Elders, Dr. Joycelyn's stance on sex-ed (Q&A)

Sex Tolerance
    Reduced by masturbating — myth (Q&A)

Sex Toys
    Are they only for "perverts"? (Q&A — 2 Q's)
    Masturbating machines (Q&A)

Sexual Orientation
    See also Homosexuality
    Readers' (Preferences & Practices Survey)
    Readers' (Survey #2)
    Readers' (Survey 2000)

Sexual Response
    Stages of sexual response & physiology of orgasm (Science Corner)

Shaving Pubic Hair
    Is it okay? (Q&A)

    Masturbating in shower, readers' habits (Survey 2000)

    See also Females
    Being teased by sister about masturbation (Q&A)

    Red splotches on chest after masturbating (Q&A)

    Masturbating while asleep (Q&A)

    Fast vs. slow strokes (How-To)
    Inability to masturbate slowly (Q&A)
    Readers' preferences (Preferences & Practices Survey)
    Slowing down to prolong pleasure (How-To)

Sperm Count
    See also Semen
    Reduction from masturbating — myth (Q&A)
    Underwear / boxers vs. briefs (Q&A — 2 Q's)

Sucking Your Own Penis
    See Auto-Fellatio

Talking About Masturbation
    Fathers and sons: opening communication lines (Library)
    Who readers discuss masturbation with (Survey 2000)

Teaching Masturbation
    Readers' experiences (Survey #2)
    Teaching son (Q&A — 2 Q's)

    Being teased because you masturbate (Q&A)

    How many used by readers (Survey 2000)

    Hair on (scrotum) (Q&A)
    Having only one testicle (Q&A)
    Hurting, when you don't masturbate for a while (Q&A)
    Popping inside body during masturbation (Q&A)
    Rubbing while masturbating (How-To)
    Size, average — by age (Puberty Survey)
    Size (Q&A)
    Structure and function (Library)

    Red and itchy near genitals (Q&A)

    Boxers vs. briefs and penis size (Q&A)
    Boxers vs. briefs — reader preferences (Puberty Survey)

    Instead of ejaculating (Q&A)
    Instead of ejaculating, from "Rosy Palm" technique (Q&A)
    Urge to urinate after ejaculating (Q&A — 2 Q's)

    See also Masturbating with household objects (Q of Week)
    Simulating feel of vagina (Q of Week)
    Simulating feel of vagina (Q&A — 2 Q's)

Videotaping Oneself Masturbating
    Is it okay to do? (Q&A)

    Affected by masturbation — myth (Q&A)

Visual Stimulation
    Effect of masturbating to pictures of men (Q&A)
    Readers' preferences while masturbating (Preferences & Practices Survey)

Watching someone masturbate
    See Voyeurism

    Feeling weak after masturbating (Q&A)

    Does masturbation rob body of protein? (Q&A)

Weight Looss
    Does masturbation cause you to lose weight? (Q&A)

    See Nocturnal Emissions

    See Females

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