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Many guys like to masturbate with some kind of lubrication between their hand and penis, while others don't bother. One factor to consider is whether or not you're circumcised. If you were never circumcised, and therefore you have some extra skin on your penis to move up and down along the shaft, you can simply grab on firmly and pump away, rolling the sleeve of skin that covers your penis back and forth over the shaft. This will cause your "foreskin" (that's the skin that surrounds the penis head) to move back and forth across your penis head, producing a great feeling. However, even some uncircumcised guys prefer the feeling of a little lubrication between the penis head and the foreskin.

If you're circumcised, you can either "go dry" or "go wet." In the dry technique, you either grip firmly onto your penis and make the most of the mobility of the top layer of skin (most effective if the skin is somewhat loose), or you grip lightly and slide your fingers across the surface of your penis. The downside to this second option is your penis is more likely to get sore, and you can't enjoy the incredible feeling of a firm grip moving up and down the shaft. It also doesn't work very well in warm weather, when your perspiration increases friction. For this reason, many guys prefer to masturbate "wet" — they use lubrication.

One common form of lubrication is spit — it's cheap and always in supply. (Except, perhaps, when you start getting really excited and your mouth dries out!) But you may have to use quite a lot of it if you want really good lubrication, and some people just don't produce that much saliva. Another method is to masturbate in the shower or bathtub with soap or shampoo. While this can feel great at first, it has definite disadvantages. Depending on how harsh it is, shampoo or soap can irritate the skin when applied so vigorously and for so long to the skin — and this can dry out the skin severely, causing it to crack and peel for a few days. Also, soap can sting if it gets into the hole (the urethral opening) at the end of your penis. For these reasons JackinWorld does not recommend using soap or shampoo as a lube. Some kinds of hair conditioner, on the other hand, don't have these problems and feel just as good. Use carefully.

Alternatively, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) works, but it's greasy and tough to clean up. Plus, since it's so thick, Vaseline may not allow your hand to move as fast as you want. Baby oil works, but it too is messy to clean up and leaves stains. Hand lotion, like Vaseline Intensive Care, is popular and works well. It cleans up fairly easily, is plenty slippery, lasts long, and lets you go as fast as you want.

There's a whole industry of water-based "personal lubricants," some of which can be found in drugstores or supermarkets, usually near condoms or feminine-protection products. (The leading brand is Johnson & Johnson's K-Y Jelly.) These lubricants traditionally come in a form that looks like a tube of toothpaste — although liquid versions sold in small bottles are also becoming popular. Personal lubricants have just the right consistency for great masturbation at any grip or speed, and they clean up easily with a towel.

There is one problem with water-based lubricants: They dry out. If you masturbate for 20 minutes, you'll probably have to re-apply the lube several times, and over time the stuff starts to thicken up. If that happens, put a little spit on your penis, or dribble a few drops of water. That will wake the lube right up, and you'll be at it full-force again! If you really want to be efficient, make a mixture of water and lube and keep it by your bed. Whenever your hand starts to dry out, add some of the mixture. You can masturbate worry-free all night long with this technique! The trick, though, is to balance your concoction with just the right combination of water and lube. Too much water and the lube will start to wash away; two little and the lube ingredients will accumulate and get too thick.

Some of the more modern brands of personal lubricants are formulated to dry out slower. For masturbation, this has obvious benefits.

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As you get further into your masturbation session and start to get a little more excited, some fluid (technically "Cowper's gland secretion" but commonly called "pre-cum") might ooze out of the end of your penis. It's often whitish, slippery, and perhaps a little bubbly due to all of the action going on from your hand. Some guys can actually get enough of this fluid flowing to use it for lubrication. However, a large proportion of males go their whole lives without ever producing the stuff. This is normal, and there really isn't any way to get your body to produce it if it doesn't already do so.


If you're right-handed, the classic thing to do with your left hand while masturbating is to hold or rub your scrotum (SCROH-tum), the bag of skin under your penis containing the testicles (TES-ti-culls, commonly called "balls" or "nuts"). It's also fun to let your hand go roving over your body, as you find new places to stimulate or tickle while giving yourself pleasure.


As fast and as tight as you want! Everyone is different — some like to go slowly, and some like to go very fast; some like it loose, and some like it tight. You might decide you like to start out slow and loose and then speed up and squeeze tight, or you might do just the opposite.

You may not have a very interesting masturbation session if you just stare at your hand going up and down your penis. Experienced masturbators know it's fun to lie back, close your eyes, and think of sexy things. Your fantasies can have no limits — anything goes. Even something you would never do or want to do in real life can be something to fantasize about while masturbating. As long as you clearly understand the differences between fantasy and real life, enjoy these fantasies and don't feel guilty about them. Let your imagination run wild!

For religious reasons, some people are uncomfortable with heavy fantasy, and therefore have problems reconciling their religion and their need to masturbate. However, you can learn to fully enjoy masturbating without fantasizing about individual people — just concentrate 100% on the feelings you're experiencing and nothing else. It takes a little doing, but it's possible to learn this skill.

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If you already know how to masturbate, you might think nobody needs to be told how to do it — but we're amazed how many guys have trouble. They read JackinHow-To, they proceed to masturbate for 15 or 20 minutes, and then they get bored and give up. If this is you, you're doing it wrong! Turn off the TV or the Playstation — sometimes, masturbation demands your full attention if you want to go "all the way" with it. (And as anyone who's ejaculated will tell you, it's the only way to go.)

Masturbation with the intent to orgasm is about building up the stimulation over time until your body can't take it anymore. If you're having trouble, be sure to use some kind of lubrication, and grip fairly hard. A lot of it is mental, too — concentrate on the feelings you're producing. Close your eyes and think of the sexiest person or situation you can imagine. It helps if this "fantasy" of yours corresponds to the physical feelings you're experiencing — for example, you can imagine that your super-sexy person is masturbating you. Also, try moving your hips around; contract your pelvic muscles rhythmically as if you were actually thrusting. Or, hold your hand still while you move your penis in and out with your hips. This helps your body "get into it."

Remember: If you're still in your early teens, you may be too young to ejaculate. If that's the case, you may still have an orgasm — but it probably won't be as intense or well defined as it will be when you're older. If you've done everything mentioned here and you still can't have an orgasm, that too may be because you're too young and your reproductive system just hasn't developed enough to give you an orgasm. If for example you don't yet have any hair growing in your armpits, that means you still have lots of growing to do. In that case, all you can do is be patient and wait for your body to develop more.

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As you masturbate, the feelings of pleasure will start to intensify. Go with it — but if you want to get the most from your session, don't let things happen too fast. In order to prolong the pleasure, you might want to stop for a minute now and then to give your penis (and your arm) a rest. Besides being fun, this is actually a good exercise for later: You will be a better sex partner if you can delay your ejaculation to maximize your partner's pleasure, and time it so you reach orgasm at the right moment. This also gives you a better idea of what your body feels like when you're close to orgasm — an invaluable skill for two-person sex.

Your feelings will build more rapidly if you bear down by rhythmically contracting the muscles inside your pelvis — the same ones that control your bladder. Eventually, as those muscles get stronger (and they'll be getting plenty of exercise!), you'll develop much better control over them — but for now, you can use them as a kind of "gas pedal" to make those feelings stronger and stronger.


If you're doing it right, the act of rubbing your penis naturally makes you more and more excited, like a runaway train speeding down a hill. As you think a particularly sexy thought, you will begin to get a hot feeling inside your pelvis, which will increase in intensity. It may feel like you're about to urinate — but don't worry, that's just the feeling of semen beginning to enter your urethra (the tube that runs through your penis). If you're still in your early teens there is a slight chance you'll end up urinating a little, if your body hasn't developed the ability to open and shut all the right valves at this critical moment — but this isn't very common, and you'll never know what orgasm feels like if you don't just surrender and go for it. Do not stop! Keep squeezing and stroking, and just savor the feelings. Once the ejaculation begins, stopping at the wrong point can actually be somewhat uncomfortable. If the pleasure starts to get a little too intense, slow down or weaken your grip rather than stop completely. (Later on, you'll get used to this intense pleasure and will probably want to maximize it by going faster and tighter.) Just remember that as long as you continue to rub well past ejaculation, you'll be fine — in fact, you'll be great!

When you reach the point just before ejaculation, it might feel a little like you're going over the top of the hill at the beginning of a roller coaster. The muscles in your body will start to stiffen up, you'll probably make some funny faces, and then a series of muscle-contraction waves will take over inside your pelvis. At the same time, it might feel like a lightning bolt is going through your brain, as every nerve in your body tingles, alive with energy. You may even cry out or moan involuntarily (something to consider if there are other people in the house). A teaspoon or two of semen — a fluid that looks a little like salad dressing and often smells a little like bleach or cleanser — may come out of your penis. It might just dribble out, but if you're a little older (like 14 or 15 or more), it may shoot out with some force, perhaps flying a foot or two through the air. A series of these squirts will occur quickly, but you won't care — you'll be feeling better than you've ever felt before! After about 10 seconds (it often seems like much longer), the semen will stop coming out, and you'll return to earth. Your penis will probably get very sensitive, so you won't want to rub anymore, and you might suddenly become very un-horny. You'll lie there breathing heavily for a minute or two, your heart pounding.

Congratulations — you just masturbated for the first time!


As you're lying there with wet semen on your stomach, the next step is to wipe it up. Just grab a Kleenex or a piece of toilet paper. (Depending on how much you ejaculated, you might need between several feet of toilet paper.) It's a lot easier to flush a Kleenex rather than to use a towel or T-shirt, which will need to get washed and may be noticed by someone in the mean time (which can be embarrassing, obviously). If you're so inclined, you can also eat your semen. This might sound disgusting, but if you want to do it, go ahead; it's actually perfectly safe (although you may or may not like the taste). Note: Don't eat anyone else's semen. Sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, can be carried in semen — so it's wise to stay away from other people's.

After a male ejaculates, he usually loses his erection and goes through a period of time when he isn't interested in getting aroused again. In fact, he may be unable to get an erection during this time. However, depending on a number of factors, you might be able to start up again after a few minutes, or even immediately. If you want to and it's convenient, go right ahead! Never let guilty thoughts get in the way of giving yourself pleasure; there's absolutely no reason to have them. Remember — don't ever stop having fun with your body!

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