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There is no "normal" frequency of masturbation. You cannot "run out" of sperm (any more than you can "run out" of spit), so you can masturbate as often as you like. The worst thing that can happen is your penis might get a little sore. (Rub any part of your body that much and the same thing will happen!) In any group of healthy high-school- or college-age guys, some masturbate several times a day, some once a day, and some only once or twice a week or less. There are also a few who never masturbate — either because they don't have the urge, or because for whatever reason they have found a way (and a reason) to resist the urge. But for a young guy to be able to resist masturbating requires very strong will power — and frankly, we just don't see the point.


This is a very common worry among teenagers. But rest assured you can have a great time masturbating (and having two-person sex) with just about any penis size. Now, you might worry about how you "measure up" to other guys. You may get insecure in the locker room, especially if you see a lot of older boys with larger genitals. Or maybe you've happened across an erotic video showing a guy who got the job because of his exaggerated anatomy. But it's important to know that while the sizes of non-erect penises vary greatly, for the vast majority of the population, the sizes of erect penises don't vary quite as much. A larger penis that flops around and a smaller, stubby penis may be virtually the same size when they're erect — so don't stress out about it so much.

What's average? Well, most grown men have erect penises that measure about 5 or 6 inches from the base to the tip. If you're in your early teens, you almost certainly have some growing left to do, and some people have reported that their penis continued to grow until they were 17 or 18 — but for most guys, it pretty much reaches adult size by about age 16. We'll talk about some techniques and how they relate to penis size in a moment.


• What is the average erect penis size for a guy my age?
We asked penis-size questions in several of our surveys — they should give you a good idea. Check out Survey #3 and the Puberty Survey.
• There's a ring of darker skin around the middle of my penis. Is that normal?
Yes, completely. Most if not all men have it.
• My penis has bumps along the shaft or head — do I have a disease?
Bumps of various kinds are very common and are usually an acne-like condition that goes away with age. Don't stare at your penis so much — you'll go crazy obsessing about minor anatomical details.

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Many males discover masturbation by accident, when one day they're rubbing their penis and it feels so good they don't stop until they have an orgasm. But there are finer points to masturbation, and there are many ways to make it more enjoyable.

There will be times when you feel a strong need to masturbate when it isn't convenient. In this case you may want to ejaculate as quickly as possible, perhaps in the bathroom. That's fine — but you should know masturbation, like two-person sex, is much more pleasurable when you can relax and take your time. If you have your own bedroom and can close the door, you can have a great masturbation session every night and perhaps every morning, too. If you share your room, you can masturbate privately in the bathroom or shower. Or, you can wait for your brother to fall asleep and masturbate quietly under your covers. But if he hears you, be prepared to answer some questions!

Some guys masturbate by lying on their stomach and rubbing their penis against their bed. A more common technique involves lying on your back and rubbing your penis with a hand (or hands). In this position, when you ejaculate, the semen will end up onto your chest or stomach, so it will be easy to clean up. (You'll probably want to pull up or take off your pajama top or T-shirt, so as not to wet it with semen, and you'll want to have a roll of toilet paper or a box of Kleenex handy.)

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Just about every successful masturbation session begins with getting an erection (ee-RECK-shun), commonly called a "hard-on," "boner," or "woody." An erection occurs when your penis fills with blood to the point that it becomes quite a bit larger and firm to the touch, usually sticking straight out from your body or angled upward as you stand. (If you're lying on your back, your erect penis might rest against your abdomen.) Getting an erection is usually as easy as thinking sexy thoughts and rubbing your penis. If you're going through puberty, or if you haven't ejaculated in a while, you may not have to do anything to get an erection — they can happen spontaneously, or without provocation. This is normal and just one of those puberty things everyone has to deal with.

Once your penis has reached its full length and hardness, take a hold of it and rub it lengthwise at a consistent rate. This will mimic what it feels like to move your penis in and out of a woman's vagina, which is what happens during sexual intercourse.

Here are four basic "grips" you can try. They're really just starting points; it's important for you to try little variations on them, as this will allow you to choose techniques that feel best to you.

In this common technique, you simply wrap your fingers around the shaft of your penis like a baseball bat and rub it up and down. It provides lots of contact between your hand and penis — and more contact means more pleasure. This technique is especially good if you have a big penis; if it isn't much longer than your fist is wide, you won't be able to stroke it very far, so another grip might be more effective.

In this technique, your hand and arm form an angle with your penis, with four fingers on top of the shaft at a diagonal and your thumb below. This allows you to get more control over the hand-to-penis contact, and it lets you move your hand along the entire length of the shaft, even if your penis isn't very large.

This one is good if you have a smaller penis. Simply hold the penis as you would a pen or a pencil. This grip allows maximum control and maximum distance of motion (from the base of the penis all the way to the head), but the hand-to-penis contact is less than with the other grips.

This one — kind of a backwards version of the "fist" — is a little funny, but it feels very good. This time, grab your penis from the left side rather than the right (if you're right-handed). To do this, rotate your wrist so your thumb is pointing down; you may have to pull your penis slightly to the side. It's a little awkward at first, but it's an excellent grip to use when you just want to try something other than the "Fist" for a few minutes.

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