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For females, masturbation consists of rubbing the genital region and/or stimulating the clitoris, which is a small organ a lot like a tiny penis. Like men, women can experience orgasm as a result of masturbation or intercourse. JackinWorld's focus is on male masturbation; check out this page for links to a couple of female-masturbation sites.
MASTURBATION (MAS-ter-BAY-shun) is one of the delights of human existence. Unfortunately, masturbation is not always thought of or mentioned in positive terms, and sometimes it's difficult for people to get good information about masturbation and how to get the most out of it. That's why we put together JackinHow-To — to give beginners a guide to the joys of self-pleasure.


Common slang terms for masturbation:
jacking off, jerking off, wanking, whacking off, beating off, spanking the monkey.
Common slang terms for ejaculation:
coming, shooting your wad, spooging.
Common slang terms for semen:
cum, jizz, spooge.
For males, masturbation is the act of manually stimulating the penis to produce pleasure. (If you've ever walked in on someone and saw him rubbing himself down there, or if he suddenly covered himself up, or if he was in bed alone and acted like you interrupted him, he may have been masturbating.) For adults and older teens, masturbation usually ends with ejaculation (ee-JACK-you-LAY-shun), in which the liquid that contains sperm cells, semen (SEE-min), is ejected from the penis. Ejaculation is usually accompanied by orgasm (OR-gaz-im), a whole-body feeling that (for most people) is so powerful and pleasurable it cannot be compared to any other feeling the human body can experience.


• I've tried masturbating, but nothing happens. I can't reach orgasm. What should I do?
There's a section in JackinHow-To devoted to this common problem; go here and follow the directions.
• My semen doesn't look right. Is there something wrong with me?
Normal semen can be thick, watery, white, clear, yellowish, brownish, smooth-textured, or even lumpy or slightly granular. It's all good. Even a trace of blood in the semen is not a major cause for alarm; unless you have significant amounts of blood in your semen for several days, don't worry about how your semen looks.
• My semen just kind of dribbles out. What can I do to make make it "shoot" out of my penis?
Ejaculation force varies from individual to individual, and often changes over time. There isn't much you can do to change this — although if you drink a lot of fluids, or if you masturbate for a long time and get very aroused before ejaculating, your semen will tend to be expelled more forcefully than if you just have a ho-hum "quickie."

Have another question about ejaculation, semen, or orgasm? Go here.


If you've ever masturbated to ejaculation, you know the answer to this question! In addition to feeling so good, masturbating relieves sexual tension that builds up naturally over time. Just about every male in his teens or older gets "horny," in which his mind gets preoccupied by erotic (sexy) thoughts. This is a natural process: Your sex organs produce and accumulate semen, and your body responds by causing you to want to ejaculate the semen and make room for more semen. One way this happens is through a nocturnal emission or "wet-dream" — an ejaculation during sleep. Another way is through masturbation. (Guys who masturbate regularly often don't experience nocturnal emissions.)

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Important to know! Despite what you may have heard (either through rumors from friends or from older people), masturbation is completely safe. It does not affect the size of your penis. It doesn't cause your penis to curve when it's erect — actually, few penises grow to be perfectly straight. It doesn't affect your ability to have children later on. It doesn't stunt your growth. It doesn't cause testicular cancer. Masturbation is a great way to practice for intercourse when you're ready for it and have met the right person.


If you can read this, you're old enough to masturbate! You may, though, be too young to ejaculate. Most boys begin to ejaculate semen when they're between the ages of 12 and 15, although some begin ejaculating at a later or earlier age. You can still masturbate and even have orgasms before you're old enough to ejaculate. However, for most males, the best-feeling orgasms are those that are accompanied by the ejaculation of a good amount of semen. In fact, some guys like to "save it up" by not masturbating for a while, so they can have an extra-good orgasm with a bigger-than-average ejaculation.


Nothing at all. Years ago it was commonly believed that masturbation caused blindness, insanity, hairy palms (!), or other disorders — even though back then, like now, masturbation was extremely common. All of these terrible beliefs have been disproved through modern science, even though the rumors and old wives' tales persist. (If those stories were true, there would be an awful lot of blind, insane, hairy-palmed people running around!) Masturbation is not "sick," it is not only for gay people, it is not harmful in any way, and — of course — it's a whole lot of fun.

That's not to say, though, that every masturbation method is safe for your penis. Read about masturbation safety — the do's and don'ts of getting creative with masturbation.


Absolutely, positively not! You've probably heard somebody call someone else a "jerk-off" as an insult, or heard someone imply that he doesn't need to masturbate because he gets "real" sex. That's all a bunch of B.S.! Trust us — in almost every case like this, the person who's throwing around such insults actually does masturbate, feels guilty about it, and then uses his insults to make others feel guilty about masturbating. It's a horrible, vicious circle that keeps everyone feeling guilty about this wonderful thing our bodies can do. The cycle can stop only when you realize that almost everyone masturbates — even grown, married men who get all the "real" sex they want. When you can say that you masturbate and you're proud of it (even if you say it only to yourself), you realize the real losers are the people who lie to themselves and to others in order to make everyone unhappy. JackinWorld hopes someday this behavior goes away altogether and never comes back!


For the first few months or years after they discover masturbation, almost all guys masturbate more often than they ever will in their lives. It's not uncommon for a 13- or 14-year-old to masturbate 3, 4, or even 5 or 6 times per day. (We've even heard from people who have orgasmed 22 or more times during a 24-hour period!) It's not surprising, then, that some guys worry they may be doing it too much. It is possible that time spent masturbating could be put to more productive use — but if you would have spent it just watching TV or something, don't worry about it. Just enjoy it and know that in a couple of years, you'll probably throttle back on your masturbatory habits somewhat.

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