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JackinExpert consists mostly of techniques JackinWorld readers have sent in. While they all appear to be safe (at least when practiced in a reasonably sane manner), please use caution — especially on techniques marked with the red "be careful" logo. In general, stop as soon as anything starts to feel uncomfortable. Generous lubrication (see JackinHow-To) is recommended for many of these techniques; for some, it's a requirement.

JackinExpert is divided into the following sections:

•   Basic Variations — Hand-to-penis methods producing a variety of sensations
•   Foreskin Fun — Making the most of an uncircumcised penis
•   Simulators — Home-made devices that simulate the feeling of a vagina
•   Fun with Objects & Substances — Alternate lubes and hands-free methods
•   Lube Recipes — Slick mixtures you can make at home
•   Self-Control Games — Experience different orgasms through self-discipline
•   Fun for Two — For when you're masturbating with a partner


Periodically we run surveys to determine which JackinExpert techniques are most popular. We assign ratings to the techniques based on these findings. In most sections the ratings or ordered by popularity, from most popular to least. Some of the newer techniques may not have been rated yet. The newest techniques added to JackinExpert are colored green.


Under each technique is a link where you can send in a comment — what you think of the technique, why you like it or don't like it, or what kind of experiences you've had using it. Note this is not an automatic or immediate posting; postings are moderated by the JackinWorld staff. Comments with names, e-mail or Web addresses, or words that violate JackinWorld's language policy will not get posted. (To write to JackinWorld about something else, please go here.) Be sure not to change the subject line when you send a comment, or your comment will automatically get filtered to the trash folder. Also note that we reserve the right not to post a comment for any reason.

Enjoy JackinExpert!

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