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Foreskin Fun

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Rub the end of your foreskin at the bottom with your index finger in circles. It makes your session last longer and brings more pleasure than the "Fist". Usually this technique will make you ejaculate a bit more semen than normal.

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Sit down and get an erection. Fully retract your foreskin to reveal the glans. If you're right-handed, use 2, 3, or 4 right-hand fingers to move the skin on the base of the penis up and down, as if you were masturbating in the normal way — but *do not* touch the glans (penis head) or move the skin over the glans. Keep the foreskin retracted at all times. You will notice it is very difficult to get an orgasm this way, since there is no glans stimulation. It's meant to be like this; don't worry. You can use your left hand to stimulate other parts of your body, like your nipples, if that excites you more. After 5-10 minutes, you will get close to orgasm. Do not start moving the foreskin over the glans; keep moving the skin on the base only. When you reach the "point of no return," slow down. Keep moving very slowly during this moment. If you do this right, you can "surf" on this wave for 5-10 seconds — a mind-blowing feeling! Afterwards, ejaculation follows as usual. Roll your foreskin back over the glans and clean up.

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This is for guys who have an adjustable shower head that can put all the water into one large jet: First, adjust the shower head so all the water is in one large jet. Now, squat below, pinch your foreskin between thumb and forefinger, and stretch it out as far as is comfortable so the shower jet is falling onto it. This can produce a fantastic orgasm, but you may have to wait awhile before anything happens. By the way, this can work even if you don't have an erection.

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This can only be done if you can keep your foreskin fully unretracted while your penis is erect. For best results, your penis should be as hard as possible. Place all your fingers of one hand on top of your foreskin, and "push" down the foreskin, retracting it. Start slowly, as for most guys, this is an unusual feeling. Build up speed as you feel more comfortable with it. You won't be able to go as fast if you were masturbating with the "Fist" technique, but it's a good one if you want to try something slow. Depending on your erection rigidity and the curvature of your penis, you may have to hold the penis at the base. If you use this technique to orgasm, you will notice a different intense feeling, and the semen will shoot directly into the palm of your hand. This is also a good technique to get a quick erection.

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Get an erection, peel down the skin, and stretch the index finger and thumb of your right hand (or left if you're left-handed), trying to get them as far away from each other as you can. You have a curve between these two fingers. Put it directly under the ridge at the top of the glans (penis head), and wrap your thumb and index around the glans. You can then move your hand in a fashion that doesn't go over the ridge but doesn't go below, either — always touching, move your hand up and down very fast, creating a type of vibrating action. This is very effective — if done properly, it can create an orgasm faster than many other techniques.

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Use a thumb and a finger to hold open the foreskin, creating a "pocket." Apply a water jet (from a handheld shower nozzle, etc.) into this pocket. You can hold off orgasm by controlling the water pressure. For best results, make the water a bit warmer than you'd normally have for a shower. After you ejaculate, the water flow helps clean up the penis head, too.

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Making sure that your foreskin is covering your glans (penis head), place your thumb and forefinger on opposite sides of the glans. Moving in short, quick motions, move the two fingers up and down while rotating at the same time.

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Pull the foreskin all the way back so it's tight on the shaft. Then lubricate it and just rub up and down, stretching and pulling it at the same time as rubbing. Just concentrate on the foreskin — the glans is too sensitive unless it's well lubricated. The foreskin sensation is very "sharp" — almost painful — and produces a big orgasm. If you don't stop, the sensation is strong enough to maintain the erection.

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Pull back your foreskin and make the "peace sign" with your hand (index and middle fingers apart). Then place your hand over your penis head, with your stretched fingers pointing down the shaft. Bring your fingers together to lightly grip the shaft, and start doing a "finger walking" action, twisting the foreskin back and forth in small movements.

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Here's something for guys with longer foreskins. Pull the foreskin past the head, clasp it in between your index and middle fingers (at the base, where the fingers meet the palm), and while you're holding your shaft with the other hand, rub your foreskin over the penis head in a circular fashion — almost like you're rubbing a crystal ball. When you're ready to ejaculate, though, let the semen come out naturally.

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Pull back your foreskin to expose the glans (head). Then stretch the leg of a pair of pantyhose, or a nylon stocking, between your hands so you have a flat band of nylon. Keeping it taut, rub it up and down the edge of your glans or across the frenulum (the extra-sensitive area underneath). It can be so intense it's like torture.

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Sit in a tub full of warm water, and fill an ear syringe or some other bulbous apparatus (such as a turkey baster) with warm bath water. With your foreskin over your glans, lightly pinch it over the opening to the syringe tube, and squeeze the bulb to fill the foreskin; then release in order to suck the water back into the syringe. Repeat doing this until orgasm. You can vary the timing of the squeezing from slow to fast, as if you were humping. The sensation is much like vibration, and the warm water is the kicker — plus, it is a no-mess cleanup, because the semen gets sucked into the syringe with the water. It's a very intense feeling. Another tip: Keep the flow rhythm going throughout the ejaculation, as it intensifies the already skyrocketing orgasm. The orgasmic sensations from this technique can be very intense; in fact, be careful, as they can even be slightly painful.

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