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JackinWorld Biography #184

I am a 41-year-old male in an upper-management position in the finance industry. Masturbation has been a "lifetime companion" — from the time I reached puberty until the present I have masturbated two or three times a day and still enjoy a very active sex life with my partner. I remember the first time I masturbated: I was 12 years old and woke up one morning with a white crust on my stomach. My parents had taught me about sex when I was only 5 or 6, so I was aware what had happened that night and knew what it meant — I could achieve orgasm! (I did not know, however, that it was possible to achieve orgasm prior to my first ejaculation, nor did I try getting an orgasm through masturbation. Like most other kids I did play "doctor" and "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" as a kid and got an erection each time.) The morning I awoke after that first "wet dream," I had an erection and could recall the dream. In the dream, I was in the locker room at school, and the kid next to me started to fondle my penis. As I lay there in bed recalling the dream, I grabbed the shaft of my erection and started to pump furiously. After only a short while, an intense feeling of pleasure overwhelmed me. I arched my back as I felt my scrotum tighten, and I ejaculated with such force that it shot all over my face and pillow. I ran to the shower, cleaned up, got dressed and went to school. I remember "popping a boner" almost every time I sat down that entire day as I recalled the pleasure of masturbating to orgasm for the first time! I could not wait to get home and try it again. I masturbated so much over the next few days I eventually developed a rash on my penis. That slowed me down for a while, and after I healed I started masturbating each morning before I got out of bed and each night before I went to sleep. My mother thought that my allergies (of which I was plagued with in my younger years) must have been getting really bad due to the amount of Kleenex in the wastebasket next to my bed.

At that time I was quite active in the Boy Scouts, as was my best friend. On the frequent campouts our troop took, this friend and myself shared a tent every time. Shortly after I started masturbating frequently, we were on one such camping trip when the subject of sex came up late one night in the tent. One thing led to another, and we were soon comparing erections. I asked him if he ever played with himself, and he said no (I doubt that was true), so I decided to show him my newfound pleasure. The first-time experience of masturbating in front of another person caused a tremendous orgasm, and I ejaculated with such volume and force that I hit the back of the tent behind my head! My friend was duly impressed and started to masturbate right then and there, with much the same reaction. Guilt took hold of both of us the next morning, and we avoided each other most of the day. But the next night we started to talk about the night before and were soon at it again. Thereafter, whenever we had the chance and were alone together, we would have our little sessions. We did get up the nerve to masturbate one another eventually as well as experiment with oral sex as well, but all this ended when my friend moved away just after the end of 8th grade. I view what happened with my friend as innocent pubescent experimentation and look back on it with no regrets at all — in fact, I still hear from this friend on occasion (he is now happily married with two teenaged boys). We talked about our "experiments" just last year, both having a good laugh over what we did.

Throughout high school I continued with my morning and evening sessions, and on occasion I would masturbate during the day outdoors and out of sight. I found extreme pleasure in doing this — probably from the excitement of knowing someone could be watching without me knowing it. Be it in the woods, on the beach, wherever — if the situation arose and I was in the mood, I would try. I even remember once masturbating quietly in the back of the family station wagon with my two sisters, mother, and father in the front (it was a rear-facing seat and I was blocked off from their view by suitcases as we were on our way to Disney World for spring break).

When I was 16 I introduced my younger cousin, then 13, to the joys of masturbation in the barn behind my grandmother's house. We both had our pants down around our ankles and our underwear around our knees and were lying on an old mattress pumping away. I was telling my cousin what to do (stroke slowly and rhythmically, put your knees up, and arch your back) when I heard someone trying to hold back a laugh from behind us. We stopped in a panic, pulled up our pants, and turned around only to see our step-grandfather with his hands on his belly and tears running down his eyes from trying not to laugh. He said something about "boys being boys" and mentioned he had done the same in that very barn when he was a kid with a neighbor boy. He promised not to mention it to anyone and turned around to walk out of the barn, saying "carry on, men!" as he left. Of course, we were too panicked to do anything but run back into the house and act like nothing happened.

Throughout my teenage years my technique never varied. I was always lying down with knees up and back arched, fist wrapped firmly around my penis and pumping slowly and rhythmically until orgasm. I always ejaculated with force and volume, shooting my neck, face and forehead with sperm. Once or twice I remember some getting in my mouth. I did not enjoy the taste and thus never did it on purpose. When in bed, I was nude (I never wore pajamas — even when camping with friends). When outdoors, I would take off my shirt and leave my pants around my ankles.

Once I entered college, the challenge was masturbating in a dorm room with a roommate present. During my freshman year, I didn't get along with my roommate, and thus was stuck with doing it as quietly as possible hidden under the covers. As far as I know, he never caught on to what I was up to (although there was a definite "funk" in the air after my sessions — a quite noticeable smell of Ajax cleanser). My sophomore through senior years were different, though. I made a good friend my freshman year, and he was my roommate throughout the rest of my college years. After a week of rooming together I brought up the subject of sex with him, and after a while I asked him if he ever masturbated. He said he loved to, but was afraid I would do something if I ever caught him. I told him I loved to masturbate too, and we agreed that it was okay to do it whenever the feeling arose. It turned out he liked to masturbate in the morning and evening as I did, so our sessions became mutual and not under the bedcovers.

After about four weeks of our mutual sessions I did get up the nerve to ask him if he ever had masturbated someone else. He said just once, back when he was in junior high, but hadn't since. We tried it that evening, and he said he was too uncomfortable doing it to me, although he liked it when I did it to him. On occasion, he let me masturbate him with one hand while I handled myself with the other — but only when he hadn't had any sex with his girlfriend for a while. As far as I can remember, this happened only 4 or 5 times. I was quite impressed with his size. His erection was at least two inches longer than mine, although he was a "dribbler" when it came to ejaculation. He mentioned quite often how impressive the force of my ejaculations were and wished he could do the same. He did show me some new techniques, which I still practice regularly — my favorite method now involves sitting on my ankles, with knees spread, grabbing my shaft backhanded and fondling my testicles with the other hand. My old college roommate also told me to try spreading Medicated Gold Bond Menthol lotion on my hand and using that as lubrication. (I usually just spit in my hand for lubrication.) The *very* strong tingling sensation caused by the Gold Bond is unbelievable and causes me to achieve a very intense orgasm, but it makes me ejaculate a little too fast for my liking, so I use it only occasionally. I sometimes practice anal stimulation using a small battery-operated vibrating dildo. This sensation is quite intense and very enjoyable.

I still am masturbating each morning before I get up and each evening before I go to sleep (except when I have sex with my partner). On occasion I retreat to the men's room at work just after lunch and masturbate sitting on the toilet (single toilet, locking door — so no fear of getting walked in on). Masturbation is extremely refreshing to me and makes my days go much better. It releases tension from my body and puts me in a better mood. I rarely get sick (not even a cold), and I don't know if this has anything to do with masturbating regularly, but I like to think so! I plan on continuing my practice, even on my deathbed when I'm in my 90s!

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